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ZzzQuil Product Review

Updated on October 7, 2013

I think everyone has seen a commercial about sleeplessness. The two most common ones I can think of are for the products Unisom and ZZZQuil. I bought the latter a couple of weeks ago; I don't really need help sleeping, but I thought it might come in handy. Supposedly it's non habit forming, so I thought what the heck? I'll spend the $5 for the bottle of cough syrup for people without the cough. Here's what I thought of ZZZQuil. It may be something you should consider in your quest for a good night's sleep.

For starters, it's $5. If I didn't have my mind completely made up, I would have said "forget it". I actually bought it for my husband. He has not been sleeping well due to back pain. He tries not to take pain medication, so I thought this might be a good compromise. I will say that I have seen coupons floating around on the internet so if this is something you feel like you want to try, google coupons first. While I said I got this for my husband, the allure of the bottle couldn't keep me away. It lasted a week in the house before I said "what the heck" and took some. It was Saturday night; I had taken a nap during our toddler's nap time, which ended up lasting about three hours. I'll be honest, I could have slept a few more hours. Anyways, because of said toddler, I know better than to stay up past 10 or 11 pm. Which is why when I saw 10:02 on the clock, I almost had a stroke. I knew I wasn't feeling particularly tired, but I needed to go to sleep. I took a half a cap of the ZZZQuil...

I woke up feeling fine the next morning. I wasn't groggy and I didn't feel like I'd been robbed of anything by waking up. When thinking back over my night with the medicine, I woke up twice during the night when I heard the baby crying. Which means it doesn't put you into a sleep coma, so that is amazing. That was really my main concern with taking any sleep aid at all, and I'm glad it didn't happen for me. I think the main advantage to taking ZZZQuil is that it helps you fall asleep faster (I think that is in the commercial actually) which is something I could use on occasion because I think for what feels like hours before I can shut down and get some sleep. I actually wish I had used it again last night because I wasn't particularly tired last night either and only went to bed because I had to work and whatnot.

Overall, I would say ZZZQuil is a good product. I am not scared to take it again, but I also don't feel like I'm a fiend for it. If you have occasional restlessness, this may be something you should look into. It's a bit too pricy to use every night, but I would use it every now and then. I think I'll get more use out of it than my husband will because he has a problem staying asleep whereas I have a problem with initially getting there.

If you have taken ZZZQuil, would you take it again?

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