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need a cure for molloscum contagiosum?

Updated on October 29, 2012
what can molloscum contagiosum spots look like?
what can molloscum contagiosum spots look like?

remedies for molloscum contagiosum

frustrated with molloscum contagiosum spots spreading instead of disappearing? This hub may help

Molloscum contagiosum is no laughing matter when you are a parent. Watching the spots appear, grow, then spread across your child’s body is no fun particularly when you are faced with the prospect of these spots being present for a significant period of time. We can handle rashes and mild ailments which after a few days of tlc or a bout of antibiotics soon vanishes, yet the mere presence of molloscum contagiosum is like a slap in the face. A slap from viruses to say ha ha you can’t stop us and we are going to hang around for a while potentially spreading from this child to the rest of your children!

Trying to prevent the spread across the rest of their bodies or to the rest of your family is a challenge in itself. Ensuring you never share towels and washing every towel used by the child who has the molloscum contagiosum breakout Is a good way to minimize spread yet invariably it does spread and one morning you will hear another child complain of an unusual spot or a cluster of new spots. Frustrating isn’t it?

I have gone through molloscum contagiousum with all of my children and as in my hub there were various advice and method to try to reduce or prevent spread. Each had varying results.

On the most recent occasion of its appearance a good friend recommended I try a new remedy which she had tried on her daughter and swore it had made a huge difference and ultimately had caused the molloscum contagiosum to vanish completely.

I had my doubts as I had never heard of the remedy however my friend gave me the name of it and I realized I had nothing to lose so ordered my own batch online.

The items I ordered were from a site called and I have to say I was impressed with service and the information provided. They sell the kit which includes Colloidal Silver – MSM skin spray and Black Elderberry and Glucamune. The Elder and Glucamune are natural food supplements and are both to be taken orally in drinks. The serum spray is used topically and sprayed over the affected areas.

Several days later the pack arrived and off I went on my journey of discovering to my delight there really is a way to cure this annoying, long lasting, often scar causing virus called molloscum contagiosum

I used this spray and associated tablets I also opted to take with it and observed an incredible difference with the result being in only a few weeks my daughter’s bout of molloscum contagiousum had gone. No marks where the spots had once appeared and her skin looked great. Gone. Kaput. Zapped!

I hope this hub helps parents around the world to easily rid their children of molloscum contagiosum a lot quicker than has been possible in the past.

I for one can vouch for it (and am in no way affliated with them to mention them here) and I hope you can all observe and experience the same results should you ever experience molloscum contagiosum.


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