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Ab Coaster Pro for Best Ab Workouts

Updated on May 4, 2011

Whats Ab Coaster Pro?

The ab coaster pro is an upgrade version of the classic home model ab coaster. Its for those who want to take abdominal training in a whole new direction.

It is mostly used in fitness centers, gyms, hotels, etc. The ab pro is the perfect ab equipment for anyone who likes top of the line fitness equipments. It can also be bought for home use because its bigger and more sturdy than the home version (ab coaster) and supports over 300 lbs.

Lets take a look at the Ab Pro and the benefits to a Sexy Core

The ab coaster is a new revolutionary ab machine build to exercise the abs, unlike other ab machines, this one is taking abdominal training to new heights.

Traditional ab crunch work the abs from the "top down," the ab coaster works the opposite, it target the abs from the "bottom up" in an arc motion, reducing stress to shoulders, neck and back.

The Hanging Leg Raise

To do this bottom up exercise "the hanging leg raise" without the ab coaster will demand tremendous upper and lower body strength, but the results is great abs.

Imagine you have to hang from something that can support your weight "bar" etc and bring your knees to your chest. Difficult right? This exercise sounds hard because it is hard. In fact, for the average person, this exercise is nearly impossible. I know for sure I won't be able to do that..

Body builders, gymnasts and professional athletes know if they want a lean abs and stay in the game one must work their abs from bottom up.

The ab coaster pro makes this "the hanging leg raise" possible for everyone without hanging from some thing, instead you will be in a comfortable kneeling position completely off the floor, making it great ab workouts for men and ab workouts for women.

The movement of this ab coaster is an arc, your knees come up to your chest in a natural crunching motion without hanging from a bar or lying on the floor putting pressure on your back.

The ab coaster pro engages your abs from start to finish applying you with a constant core contraction with each repetition. The multi-angle seat adjusts to target your obliques at every angle for a complete ab workout.The Ab Coaster also targets your upper abs, lower abs and side obliques with one simple ab machine.

Say good bye to painful boring ab crunch and sit-ups and coast your way to good ab workouts with Ab Coaster Pro!

Just in case you have never seen a demonstration of the Ab Coaster Pro in action check out the video below.

Ab Coaster Pro - Fast Track To Great Abs


Shape Magazine

Have call this ab equipment "The Secret to Flat Sexy Abs!"

PFP Magazine - Ab Coaster Review

"This product is perfect for clients with lower back challenges as well as advanced athletes looking for a stronger and more defined core. The motion is smooth, biomechanically correct, comfortable and provides a complete abdominal workout. Feel the movement throughout the abdominals, including the hard-to-get lower region. There are three models to choose from for home and commercial use.

" Kelli Calabrese, Editor, PFP Magazine

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Fitness Professor Review

Due to the incredibly high number of 'like products' on the market, the Prof has decided to highlight the 5 most valuable 'Core, Flexibility & More' based items. The AB Coaster is one of them. The AB Coaster (developed by the same individual who created the Ab Roller) is undoubtedly one of the most effective ab machines ever built. Not only is it easy to use, targets the abs better, it also improves the user's core stability all at the same time. If you are searching for THE abdominal unit, the AB Coaster is it!"

All AB Coaster LLC AB Coaster

Health & Wellness Magazine

Congratulations! The Ab Coaster was featured in the March / April 2009 issue of Today¹s Health & Wellness magazine. The feature, entitled "Members Recommend," highlighted the Ab Coaster as the "Overall the Ab Coaster is easy to assemble, a joy to use and does not take up much space."

To read more Ab coaster press release click here

Thank you for reading this article now you're on your way to good ab workouts with Ab Coaster Pro! All the best!

Let me know how this ab machine turns our for you! Please leave me a comment!


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