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Guilt free life

Updated on June 18, 2012

Victory over the guilt of an abortion!

We often fail to understand the feelings of those who have gone through the event of an abortion. They are the precious women, who have made life unattainable for some son or daughter, and these precious women are now left to deal with the aftermath of what they believed then to have been a solution. We will not go into the latitude of describing the various causes in which they may have seen an abortion as a way of escape but I will say that just as the “devil” forgot to tell Eve about the consequence that awaited her decision to “eat the apple” so have been the misleading of some women. Let it be known that there is always a consequence for premeditative actions against life and that you are in effect, living today in yesterday's choices.

Feelings of guilt and shame become the driving forces in the lives of these precious women at the place called, "Today".

Feelings of guilt and shame colors their perception of life and is often the driving force of confusion and misunderstandings that prevents them from committing to the decisions that lead to quality living.

But there is a way out and it's called forgiveness. The woman who has committed an abortion must choose to forgive all that were involved, especially herself. By doing this, she now breaks the power of guilt, shame and condemnation. Once the power of guilt and shame is broken, she now has the confidence and the boldness to view her life in a far better perspective. In fact, she has entered a new dimension. She now becomes free from all captivity and begin to walk in all sufficiency.

Remember, that every living person is subject to guilt and there will be moments when we feel guilty about our actions. Guilt is like a safety device, it is what we feel when we have done wrong and hence it is a beneficial force in changing our lives. However one should not live a life of constant guilt because it throws off your perception.

Guilt will deceive you into thinking that you should always be in the drivers seat and so you constantly project your thought upon the people within your atmosphere. But thanks be to God that he has made a way for us to have victory through our Lord. By putting Jesus in the driver's seat our victory over abortion is secured.

A woman who is under the power of guilt must come to the fact that errors are a part of life. Someone said that the reason they are erasers on pencils is that there will always be the possibility of making an error.

After all we are an imperfect beings living in an imperfect world. Having recognized our imperfection we can then become reconciled to others and peace will once again reign in our lives.


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    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 6 years ago from USA

      Wonderful layout and an outlet for those of us that dwell in the house of guilt. For so long it was my emblem. I write about it as well as the destructive force of EGO.

      Kindly visit some of these hubs as I write for me, hubbers and simply to write:)