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Methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy

Updated on August 20, 2009

Methods of abortion, are these your last resort?

If you’re pregnant and you don’t like it I bet the first thing that comes out in your brain is considering an abortion or terminating the embryo or the fetus think again about the risks and gains. A woman or/with their partners should think if terminating the baby is the best possible solution. Guilt is worst effect of abortion and will haunt especially the woman in years of her life and get exposed to the word “karma”. But if you think you want to pursue this idea, there are places anywhere to hire an abortionist.

The risks of abortion maybe fatal and non fatal depend on how it is done.

Abortion pills: If it is done by incorrect use or drinking of pills the embryo may not be terminated and will result to psychological damages in your future baby. Using and affectivity of the pills depends on the formation of a woman’s cervix and the position where the contraception happened. But most of the time abortion pills are not effective and even results to serious bleeding.

Vacuum method: This method is usually done in a clinic. There are legal abortions especially if it is abnormal pregnancy or when the embryo or fetus is growing in the fallopian tube. It may cause the death of the mother when not terminated. There are clinics that have facilities to do a vacuum abortion, however the risks can be fatal. There are issues about infections and lapses from abortion. Vacuum method is sucking out an embryo or the fetus inside the womb using vacuum. You can only use this method up to 8 weeks of pregnancy. The aborted poor thing is like a cyst when it comes out. Can your conscience handle that? Usually a woman bleeds continuously after a vacuum method, like having a menstruation. The woman must have a good rest after this operation.

Intense Abdominal massaging – I’ve gone researching the net and found out that this method is still done especially from the poorer country who cannot afford a proper surgery. An abortionist with a very strong hand can do this procedure but this could be very painful for the mother. This results to miscarriage also very dangerous and should be confined in the hospital right away for blood loss and infections.

Whatever the method you are considering it is better to go to a credited / qualified gynecologist because the risks maybe fatal for you and the unfortunate baby. There are worst cases that when the babies are not aborted they became disable when they come out and that is your long time guilt that will haunt you.


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