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Health Benefits of Acai

Updated on May 9, 2013

It is quite a rage these days to look for natural produce that is used as preventive methods and stop any diseases from residing in our bodies. Much has been made of the potential health benefits of Acai berries. Are they a panacea that will cure all your ills? Of course not, we have looked more closely at the evidence and found that they are still a worthy addition to your diet.

  • All fruit and vegetables are thought to be good for your heart- Acai berries also have anthocyanins. These anthocyanins help reduce the production of HDL or bad cholesterol and which interferes in the proper functioning of the heart. Therefore if your blood cholesterol level is high, you can consume a good quantity of these berries everyday to get some commendable benefits. More info
  • Weight loss - While evidence is sketchy and mainly anecdotal it has been reported that acai also helps boost the metabolism and therefore cause weight loss. However there is no evidence to suggest that the effects, if any, are enough to counteract excesses and a balanced diet is the best option. People living near the Amazon have been known to use these berries for centuries before they made headlines elsewhere and whilst they may well be fitter and thinner than people from certain other places in the world there could be other factors involved.
  • Digestive troubles - Acai berries have a very high amount of dietary fibre. Like many other high fibre foods they help in digestive transit. This means that the next time you feel bloated or your stomach is upset; you can use these berries to clear the colon and along with a good diet relieve yourself of constipation and some other digestive problems. Acai berries have also been a staple ingredient of all the detoxification diet recipes for this very reason.
  • Anti-carcinogen properties- Acai berries have also come to the fore for containing ellagic acid. This special compound has been found to work with the DNA of the human body and may help reduce the effect of dietary carcinogens which may include substances like nitrosamine. Therefore, Acai berries are very useful as a preventive measure against these harmful foreign substances. More info
  • Anti-inflammatory properties- Apart from ellagic acid, Acai berries also contain protocatechuic and epicatechin. Together, these three compounds are known as tannins. These tannins have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and to ward off infections.
  • Anti-aging properties - Acai berries are rich in anti oxidants and while they are not unique in this they are one of the more concentrated sources around partly due to their deep purple color. Ageing is partly due to oxidation which is the degradation of cells due to free radicals and other harmful chemicals, anti-oxidants basically sacrifice themselves to mop up some types of these.
  • Boosts libido- Again this is something that is claimed but is virtually impossible to substantiate. Acai berry has traditionally been thought to be an aphrodisiac or long term booster of libido but while some coincidental feeling of well being may help in this area it is almost certainly due to the placebo effect.
  • Nutritional Value of the berries is very high- The Acai berry is very high in nutritional value. They have a plethora of vitamins, minerals, positive calories and also contain antioxidants that will help in keeping your system young and fresh always. The minerals include iron, potassium, and magnesium and even copper which is very healthy for your body and you can even complete the recommended daily supply of these minerals with the help of these berries.

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