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Acai Berry - Superfruit or Fraud?

Updated on May 19, 2013

Açai Berry

There have been many claims made, as to whether the Acai berry is superfruit or fraud, when it comes to weight loss and diet.

The Açai berry is fruit of the açai palm tree, found in the Brazilian rainforest. (Açai is pronounced Ass-ah-y)

There is no doubt whatsoever about the amount of healthy nutrients found in this fruit, but there has been a lot of controversy as to whether it helps in weight loss, or whether this is a fraud.

I decided to research the pros and cons, but found there really are no cons to the fruit itself; only a large amount of pros, although there certainly are 'scammers' pushing products on the market claiming to contain the fruit and its benefits.

Açai Palm


Superfruit or Fraud?

Does the Açai help in weight loss? Well it's not a magical diet plan in itself, but it would seem that it helps with speeding up the metabolism, which along with a calorie controlled healthy diet, would certainly aid in weight loss.

This berry has been used for hundreds of years by natives of the rainforest, as a large part of their staple diet. They eat the fruit, drink the juice, even marinate their meats in the juice.

Since its discovery in the West just a few years ago, it has been discovered to contain more health benefits than the blueberry, up until then believed to be the most beneficial fruit.

The Açai berry contains an incredible combination of healthy nutrients, including antioxidants, monounsaturated fats, and fibre.

They have proved to be a useful weight loss supplement, due to the large amount of antioxidants which increase metabolic rate. This in turn leads to a faster breakdown of fats, reduced fatigue and increased energy levels.

Whatever diet plan you find, most will tell you that a high antioxidant content in your diet is always beneficial.

These berries have also proved helpful in cell recovery, and in reducing the aging process.

Research has also shown them to be helpful with heart disease, and joint diseases.

Fresh Açai berries would be very expensive, as they grow only in the Brazilian rain forest, and are manually harvested, only twice a year, therefore are in limited supply.

They can be bought fresh, frozen, or dried in health food shops, and you can also buy liquid extract or capsules. Any products of açai should contain 100% pure açai berry extract, otherwise they will not have the value that you need.

The Fraud Claims

This is where a lot of the frauds, or cons, are coming in to play, products are being marketed as healthy acai supplements, when they contain little or none of the health giving berry. Dodgy diet supplements will claim to contain all sorts of health ingredients; acai berry being the most widely claimed, when in fact most of these scams are selling useless product.

Benefiting from the Fruit

Liquid extract and capsules are a very good way to take acai (as long as they are 100%) to get a concentrated amount into your system quickly.

The acai berry resembles a small black grape, but has a large seed in the centre and only a small amount of flesh.

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is the method by which antioxidant capacities are measured in foods.

Acai berries have the highest ORAC value of any food ever found.

Following it on the tables are: red beans, wild berries, red kidney beans, Pinto beans, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate, artichoke, Blackberry, prune and raspberry.

As they are only harvested twice a year, a lot of them are quickly juiced, or dried for keeping because if not eaten straight away they lose a lot of the benefits. In Brazil they consume it's juice and frozen juice, even make ice cream from the berries. This is becoming popular in the USA too, when they are available.

In summary, there is no substitute for the acai berry, no other food or fruit contains so many antioxidants and vitamins.

It's vitamins include A, B1 and D. Vitamins A and D help the body absorb calcium and the B1 vitamin provides added energy.

The benefits of açai berries are many, including:

increased energy, improved digestive function, aid in cleansing intestines, strengthening the immune system, improving circulation, minor pain relief, increased metabolic rate, increased libido, clearer eyesight, improved stamina etc etc

Need I go on? An extremely beneficial fruit to our health.

Everything you hear about the Acai berry being good for health is completely true. The controversy and the claims of lies, spring from those people who claim their product to contain the health benefits of açai, when in fact their content is actually minimal, if any at all.

Check any product you're preparing to buy, and make sure it is 100% açai, and you'll be fine. If it's not you're probably wasting your money.

Yes the Açai berry has been called a super fruit, and yes it has incredible health benefits, but like anything else, it's not going to keep you alive and healthy on its own. As part of your diet it's going to be extremely beneficial, and as part of a weight loss diet plan, very helpful, due to its raising of the metabolic rate. A high metabolism will burn calories much quicker and more efficiently, thus aiding weight loss.

I'm certainly going to try açai berries for myself, or at least one of the genuine products, and test the benefits.

Watch this space ..........


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