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Celebrate Your Achievements Big And Small!

Updated on August 27, 2013

Break out the champagne because you accomplished something! That's how most of us celebrate our accomplishments, but how often does it really happen? Usually we don't celebrate the small accomplishments that don't (seemingly) change our lives in some way. Besides, those little things that we get done during the day are not really accomplishments, are they?

Are You Seeking Success?

Success is a big part of moving our lives forward towards happiness and fulfillment. Success comes to those who take action and get things done, but how can we encourage ourselves to take more action?

One answer is to note our accomplishments.

While most of us our great at noting when we achieve our bigger goals, we forget to note the smaller accomplishments, and the surprise accomplishments, that we have along the way.

Any accomplishment is important. With each and every accomplishment that we make, big or small, we move forward on the path in our career, relationships in life. They can be related to steps...they may not get us to the end, but they do get us one step closer to the end!

We feel like turning a year older is an accomplishment, but what about turning a day older! Does it not deserve as much recognition?
We feel like turning a year older is an accomplishment, but what about turning a day older! Does it not deserve as much recognition?

What is An Accomplishment Worth Noting?

Some people think the only accomplishment worth noting is something big or life-changing. For example, I have seen Pinterest boards dedicates to 'accomplishments' that only include huge things such as winning a national contest or becoming a leader in your area of expertise. I totally disagree with this.

Every accomplishment that you have in life is worth noting. And more importantly, every single day you accomplish something. Maybe it's getting out of bed when you don't want to or making it through a party you would rather not attend - everything you do can be considered an accomplishment.

The Definition of Accomplishment

One definition of accomplishment is this: something completed successfully or, in other words, an achievement. The definition does not include something huge or life-changing, but rather just something that is completed or an achievement that occurs.

This is why I feel that getting out of bed can really be something of an accomplishment sometimes, and if you personally feel as if it was, then it was. You decide what accomplishments mean something for you, not someone else.

If you have a skill or expertise in an area, then that is also defined as accomplishment. For instance, Perez Hilton is known for his accomplishment in pissing a lot of people off, and Oprah is known for her accomplishment in making people have Aha! Moments.

So in the end, what is an accomplishment that is worth noting? Any successful venture that makes you feel good about yourself and your day is definitely an accomplishment worth noting.

Even negative things that happen throughout your day can result in an accomplishment. For example, when someone cuts you off in traffic and you react with love instead of anger - that is a huge accomplishment! You successful kept your cool, and maintained your positive attitude, while dealing with a negative situation.

Why Noting Your Accomplishments Is Important

There are many reasons that noting our accomplishments is important.

1. Noting Accomplishments Improves Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

Every time you achieve something, you feel good about yourself. I have had some accomplishments that have made me feel good in the moment, and I have had some that had me leaping for joy for days.

The point is when you accomplish something, you feel as if you have - well, accomplished something, and that feels really good. It improves your mental health, and it makes you feel as if you were doing constructive things with your day and with your life, and that makes you feel good about yourself.

2. It Helps You Pursue Other Accomplishments

Acknowledging that you did something worthy of recognition creates a desire to do more things worthy of recognition. It has a snowball effect - just as noting what you are grateful about allows you to see more things to be grateful for, noting what you have accomplished allows you to see more opportunities to create accomplishments.

Instead of trying to please others, you are trying to please yourself. And each accomplishment really does please you and give you more confidence to go for another accomplishment.

3. It Makes It Easier To Sell Yourself

On resume's you have to put down your accomplishments. It shows the experience and knowledge you have, and how you can contribute to the employer. Whether you work online or offline, being able to sell yourself is important for success.

Noting your accomplishments day by day allows you to drive home the point that you are really good at a lot of things - and you will start to really believe it. For example, if one of your accomplishments is continuously building a bigger following on Twitter, then you will start to believe that you have some skill with social media. That belief will not only benefit your future goals (learning more about how to make social media work for you), but it will also be a good selling point about yourself if you are trying to convince someone why they should partner up with you.

4. It Makes Your Day Seem More Productive

There is nothing worse than going through a day where you intend to 'get things done' and find that you have gotten nothing done at all. You usually can't think of one good thing you did, besides catch up on Sister Wives or some other show.

However, when you start to note your accomplishments throughout the day, you can look back and say, "maybe I did more than I thought I did!" (Also, just the fact that you take the time to note your accomplishments will ensure that you do some productive things during the day.)

So, increased self-confidence, more success, ability to sell yourself, and having more productive (fulfilling) days are all benefits you will receive when you start to note your accomplishments, big or small.

We Should Celebrate Our Accomplishments Like This!

The 'accomplishment station' on our kitchen table.
The 'accomplishment station' on our kitchen table. | Source

One Great Way To Keep Track of Accomplishments

While my husband and I were normally writing down things we have accomplished throughout the day, we discovered a new way to keep track of our accomplishments - and we get to see them every time we go down into the kitchen.

We call it the accomplishment jar! To be honest, we got the idea from Krisda (my favorite stevia sweetener) - and I'm so glad that they mentioned it. All we had around the house is canning jars (and we have a lot of them) so we decided to use those as our accomplishment jars.

I printed off a page of repeated



Then just cut them into little strips.

Ever since I was a kid, I thought it was important to note the date that I write something down...and this was no exception. I want to be able to look back on the day that I made my first million. ;)

The premise is that you write down your accomplishments and fill them in a jar. Then, next New Years, you can open up your jars and see all the accomplishments you have had throughout the year, and get motivated to plan new goals and achieve even more.

Why The Accomplishment Jar Works

  • You see it every morning and that gets you in an 'accomplishment' mood. Personally, I start to wonder what type of accomplishments I will be able to put in the jar today.
  • It motivates you to take the time and write down your accomplishments instead of just moving on to the next goal or project.
  • The more full it gets, the better you feel about yourself. It really does raise self-confidence - even if you have a butt-load of self-confidence already!
  • Writing down your accomplishment in the moment allows you to experience even more of a high from it, which makes you want to experience more of that high. (In other words, it helps you get back to doing something useful!)
  • It helps you realize that you ARE accomplishing things throughout your day. It's very easy to say that you have had accomplishments, but to actually see that you have had accomplishments, and watch them increase, makes it...more real.
  • On New Year's Eve (or whenever you decide to go through the jars) you can look back on the year with positive thoughts. Everything you did, big or small, will be on those little pieces of paper, and you will be able to see that your year was productive and caused personal growth.

Imagine it full of little accomplishments! Does it excite you? It does me!
Imagine it full of little accomplishments! Does it excite you? It does me! | Source

Try It!

Whether you use the accomplishment jar or some other form of noting your accomplishments, I suggest you try it! Write down every accomplishment that you feel is actually an accomplishment. You will start to feel the positive difference it makes in your life instantly!


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    • DrBill-WmL-Smith profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      4 years ago from Hollister, MO

      For sure. Each accomplish, large or small, should be celebrated. Thanks for sharing your message. ;-)

    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Sure Muscle - Hope you achieve a bunch of accomplishments this year!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      some important ideas here, thank you!!!


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