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Accupressure for Back Pain

Updated on September 6, 2010

What is Accupressure

Many forms of alternative medicine and Eastern medicine are based on blocked energy flows within the body. Based on releasing blocked energy flows within the body, accupressure is similar to accupuncture. However, whereas accupuncture uses strategically placed needles to unblock the flows of energy, accupressure uses finger pressure on specific points.

Blocked Energy

Energy can become blocked in the body by any stress to the body. These stressors can result from negative emotional experiences, environmental stressors, poor nutrition, illness, and disease. When the body experiences any of these stressors, tension can become trapped and cause energy to stagnate there. When the energy becomes trapped, it can result in physical pain, damage to internal organs, mental depression, and in some cases, mental illness. The blocked or trapped energy in a specific area of the body not only causes problems there, but when the energy is unable to flow to other areas, it can cause problems elsewhere too.  

The Effectiveness of Accupressure for Back Pain

In a study published by the March 2006 British Medical Journal, researchers found that accupressure is more effective in reducing back pain than physical therapy. They found that patients treated by accuprssure reported an 89% reduction in physical disability compared to patients treated with physical therapy. Furhtermore, they found the benefits of accupuncture were long-lasting and sustained for a period of six months

Although pain killers may ease back, long-term use of pain killers can cause damage and be less effective over time. Pain killers like acetaminphen and NSAIDs can cause kidney, liver, intestinal, and stomach problems. Furthermore, patients using narcotic medication can develop a tolerance over time and the medication becomes less effective without higher and higher doses. Studies have also found that the use of narcotics can inhibit the body's capacity to make natural pain-killing chemicals.

Tips for Doing Accupressure

When you're trying accupressure, there a few things you need to remember.

  • Accupressure is precise. Refer to your available information to ensure you're doing it in the right spot.
  • Although accupressure is usually done with the fingers, sometimes it is easier to perform with a blunt object like the eraseer end of a pencil.
  • To get the full effect, pressure should be applied for at least 30 seconds but one to two minutes is even better.
  • When you just press a point, you are reinforcing it. This means you are increasing the energy that point influences. You want to remove the energy blockage too if there is one. Removing the energy blockage is called reduction. To reduce a point, you need to apply pressuer in a counterclockwise circle. You can both reinforce and reduce. Consequently, energy is not only being increased to the area, but blockages are being removed to.
  • Be sure to do the point on both sides of the body.
  • You might consider going to a professional for a few times in the beginning so you can feel the right amount of pressure and see how they do it.

Accupressure Points for Low Back Pain

Reprinted from
Reprinted from

Accupressure Meridians

Accupressure for Back Pain

Sciatica Stretch

What Do You Have to Lose?

If you're plagued by back pain, don't have an irreversible back surgery or take pain pills until you have tried accupressure. Although some people have success with surgery, for everyone who has had surgery, there are just as many who have had unsucessful surgeries. Since accupressure is noninvasive and there is plenty of information about it, what do you have to lose?


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      6 years ago

      very useful post.


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