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Is Rapid Weight Loss Achievable?

Updated on July 21, 2009

The most important thing is to first establish what rapid weight loss means to you. Rapid weight loss may mean a steady 2 pound loss per week to people who have difficulty losing weight, it may mean dropping 20 pounds in a month which may seem unrealistically fast for someone who wants to lose 30 pounds total or it may be extremely slow for someone who wants to lose 230 pounds. Or you may just want to think in terms of body fat rather than effective scale weight. Losing 1 pound of body fat per week may sound like a dream to someone who can "see" the difference between muscle and fat and understands that even if you don't lose scale weight you will still get smaller if you lose that 1 pound of fat, or that pound of fat could be a lot more scale weight. It's all in the perspective.

Now, weight loss is a field that has more money thrown at it in terms of research, product development and marketing than the yearly gross domestic product of a lot of countries. The results can clearly be seen if you run a quick search on the internet as you will find a lot of great programs for weight loss. 

Even so, with all the information available out there, people are still trying out fad diets in the hopes of achieving rapid weight loss. I consider a fad diet to be an eating regimen designed for weight loss that has absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever.  And I have tried my fair share of fad diets along the way and you know what I discovered. They all work. Until you stop or lose focus.

Beyond the diet and exercise which are both,  of course, crucial to weight loss, the most important factor is focus. I honestly think it is the key. You have to stay focused on what you want, what you desire, on your goals. A human being can do anything as long as we stay focused. The second we lose focus it's bye-bye exercise, hello doughnut. Don't get me wrong, a doughnut is not bad for you, every once in a while. Five doughnuts every day are bad for you. 

Rapid weight loss can be achieved with focus. Everyone is different, for some a low carb approach will work, like me, for others its low fat. If I try and go the low fat route and eat pasta and rice, I end up looking like a chipmunk who found a his rival's secret stash of nuts. And let's not go into the fact that I end up being "gas propelled". If I cut out all carbs and eat a meat only diet for a week I have lost up to 10 pounds in the first week, but only the first week mind you because then it slows down considerably. On such an approach I feel great all day, energetic and happy. On the other hand my sister will put on 10 pounds if she does that and walks around like the queen of depressed slugs, and we are related.

Image courtesy of Ruckerdog at
Image courtesy of Ruckerdog at

There is so much research out there that all you have to do is look. But, you need to focus and start doing something. Don't analyze what you should do to death and never get started with anything. Focus means diving in but it also means giving your program a chance. If you haven't lost weight in three days then don't jump to a different system because it's not working. Better yet, don't even weigh. If you are screaming "how can I judge if it's working for me?" then use photos. I mean really, do you really care if you are 5'4" and 190 pounds but look amazing? It's not like you tattoo your scale weight to your forehead. And even if you did, because you just like hurting yourself like that, do you really believe anyone would care what you weigh if you look like a lingerie model? I don't think so. For me photos and the fit of my clothes are plenty of motivation.

The secret really is important to focus. Even if you do decide to eat something off-plan make sure it is a conscious decision, not something done because you had so many other things on your plate, pardon the pun, that you just lost focus. This has happened to me many a time, and I have come to the conclusion that at the end of the day, my family and I are the most important things in the world. Which means that you should never let yourself take a backseat to other issues because if you are in bad shape physically or emotionally or both then you will suffer in all other areas of your life. 


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