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7 Simple Steps: How to Achieve a Healthy Self Esteem

Updated on April 16, 2015

7 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Self Esteem

Achieving healthy self esteem is no rocket science. Self esteem makes a person. Nature has it that the happiest people are those who have no time to judge others but to choose to live in kindness and love in their inner selves. Do not envy those around you who are always happy and imagine yourself being them. You need to work hard to achieve your dreams.

Here are the 7 steps to achieving healthy self esteem.

1. Identify priorities:

Achieving self esteem begins with your belief and trusting in your inner self through externalizing your body, soul and thoughts. Step by step, you can achieve self esteem with minimal effort. Through reading this you are on your way to a different you and you will become healthier and happier.

By identifying your priorities, the slogan becomes either 'I have to or I must' which should be the basis of all your decisions. Irrespective of your age, any choice made at any given time dictated the direction your self esteem takes. You have a different gift from others which can only be discovered by yourself. Once you know who you are the better and you start being happy. You are responsible of the choices that you make and you can choose to be poor or rich and this is a choice that impacts on you for the rest of your life.

Self Esteem Tip

Self esteem comes from within your inner self and practicing it makes you a better person.

2. Evaluate yourself with honesty:

Evaluating yourself defines who you are and what you are capable of achieving. To do this you need to write down your likes and dislikes by being your own friend. The second phase is to develop a plan to shift from the negative you to the positive self.

3. Pick your positive attributes:

Once you have identified your positives and negatives, you need to dwell on the positives to mold your true personality. Self asserting leads to success. Think of yourself as being successful, beautiful, cute or handsome. Remember, you always become who you think you are and people will believe in you.

4. Forgive and forget:

Forgiving is next to godliness and forgiving a million times will not make you a lesser personality. Forgiving is the best break you can get in life and living the present as who you are shapes your future. Use the past as a learning experience and move on with what makes you happy.

5. Take care of yourself:

Resting is the best medicine to a healthy self esteem. Strive to be the giver and not the receiver since this way you will put so many smiles to other peoples' faces. Listen more and treat yourself right and you become the people's role model.

6. Be humble and thankful:

To be successful in achieving healthy self esteem with 7 simple steps, always give thanks to your Creator and pray for those with different opinions since gift and talents are cultivated and if yours are dormant, you loose a lot and your self esteem dives to all time low.

7. Accept yourself:

Self acceptance should come from deep inside you and not imposed by your peers. Accept that your fate is your own creation and once you do this, you easily achieve your healthy self esteem through self actualization.

Liking yourself will lead to others liking you and people always see you through your own eyes and wearing a smile even in difficult situations raises your self esteem bar to higher levels.

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