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Acupuncture Channels Mnemonic

Updated on May 29, 2011

How to remember the sequence

Disconnected names are very difficult ot remember, let alone to put in the correct order or sequence, from memory. That's where the mnemonic comes in. It's a handy and memorable way to guide us to remember both the names and the correct sequence of the acupuncture meridians (channels).

All right, it's not a beautiful and arty sentence but it make sense and it's vaguely 'on topic', to aid in memory.

Horse image
Horse image

The acupuncture meridians

On each side of the body are six Yang meridians and six Yin meridians.

These are, starting at the Heart meridian:

Heart (Yin)

Small Intestine (Yang)

Bladder (Yang)

Kidney (Yin)

Pericardium (Yin)

Triple Heater (Yang)

Gall Bladder (Yang)

Liver (Yin)

Lung (Yin)

Large Intestine (Yang)

Stomach (Yang)

Spleen/Pancreas (Yin)

There are also the midline (unpaired) meridians: 'Governer Vessel' (dorsal) and 'Conception Vessel' (ventral).

Each 'cycle' of four begins and ends in the region of the heart and its period of especial activity covers 8 hours of the 24-hour day.

In the modern West, we do not recognise the organ 'Triple Heater' aka 'Triple Burner'. In Ancient China, this was a generic term covering the three body cavities (Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis).

The routes of the meridians in humans have been well-mapped and documented. There is still much debate how those maps (charts) correlate with animal acupuncture, esp. for acupuncture in animals.

Contemporary Chinese Acupuncture Horse Model - Acupuncture aid

Acupuncture Model - Horse (modern)
Acupuncture Model - Horse (modern)

A model showing acupuncture points in the horse.

Canine Acupuncture
Canine Acupuncture

The mnemonic

How Should Book Knowledge Provide Treatment Giving Lively Luminous Living So Simply?

In common with many such mnemonics, in any field, this mnemonic is phrased a little oddly in its language and structure but bears relevance to its mother topic and makes some sort of sense, relevant to our subject material. It'll do for me!


Well, that's my best effort to date. If it proves to be of value to anyone who is trying to gain a grasp of the meridian sequence (as it has been to me), I shall be delighted. However, while it might be a challenge to my brain to have to struggle to learn a new version of this, I would welcome comment on it and suggested imporovements.

Chris Day is a UK-based veterinarian practising alternative holistic natural medicine (e.g. herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic). independently of commercial interest or sponsorship and cannot endorse any products or advertising material attached to this lens.

For more information, visit AVMC's information website (over 600 pages).

Chris Day - holistic vet - runs the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre in Oxfordshire (AVMC) in Oxfordshire, UK.

The Meridian Mnemonic

How Should Book Knowledge Provide Treatment Giving Lively Luminous Living So Simply?


What do you reckon? Good or bad?

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      ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

      @Jhangora LM: Thanks Jhangora - you're a great support.

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      ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

      @Alfiesgirl LM: !!!! :-)

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      Jhangora LM 6 years ago

      The pics are really good!

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      ChrisDay LM 7 years ago

      I knew what I was going to respond with until you didn't ask it! :-)

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      Alfiesgirl LM 7 years ago

      I knew what I was wanted to say but now I am here...I have forgotten what it is...grrr mnemonics training needed ~ enquire within x