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Addiction Is Every Day

Updated on February 24, 2017

Addiction is every day. Recovery is every day. It's you against yourself, and it requires the kind of strength you didn't even know was a thing until you needed it. It's hard. It's tough. But it's worth it.


Little Flashes In My Head

Little flashes in my head

Contradicting what I’ve said

Trying hard to penetrate

Wanting not to be too late

Focusing its sights on me

Ignoring who I want to be

Once was teasing is no more

Now unwanted evermore

Earnestly I subjugate

Knowing it won’t satiate

Pseudo happiness destroys

Absolute distorting noise

Clouds my judgment and intent

Steals my life without consent

Life keeps moving on about

Done I am, with missing out

Interlace with here and now

All of this I missed somehow

Take my life back actively

Embrace responsibility

Looking forward on I stride

Sharper now, eyes open wide

I see its true form now instead

Of little flashes in my head


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