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How to add power of gravity using Qi Gong and chi energy?

Updated on August 18, 2012

Adding Power of Gravity

Well, as being a practitioner of meditation and chakra exercises, i have recently been through a technique which is very helpful in many sectors and fields (from healing, increasing immunity against diseases, physical, mental and psychological well being etc.). So, i could not stay sharing this technique which is the reason for the creation of this hub.The ancient method of Qi Gong (Chinese) or Ki Gong (Japanese) empowers for the unification of mind-body and gravity which eventually activates and connects you to the higher universal energy known as "Chi Energy". There are infinite benefits of having proper amount of Chi Energy which is also termed as life force in certain religions and beliefs. Some of the major and basic functions involve opening up the innate but dormant abilities, enhances sports expertness or skills, heals, balances, energizes and defends. Chi energy is believed to be the eternal energy which open the reserves and blockages of mind and heart. The combined mind-body state with nature is the basis of the Japanese martial art known as aikido.

This means that, Chi energy not only enhances mental but also physical abilities to the fullest. To reach this powerful fused Ki Gong state that opens up new possibilities, capabilities and ultimate power, all you need to do is to root yourself with the earth's gravity. In this hub, i am going to provide the detailed method and this hub is going to be a bit lengthy, so hold your breathe and before moving forward, just make your mind-set that you are going to learn something which is going to change your life forever.

Ki Gong, Chi Energy Activation Method

Step One -- Sense your Gravity Point

Firstly, you need to determine your posture to gain optimum effect. So, you can sit on a chair or on the floor with a straight back. To practice Ki Gong, visualization is the inevitable part. Now, mentally focus on an imaginary point one inch below your navel (In east, this point is known as Manipura chakra or solar plexus region), the center of gravity of your body. To be more precise of this point, you can imagine yourself riding a bicycle and about to stop and still keeping the balance. Feel the center of your body, you must have to keep aligned with the cycle to keep the balance. Now, sense back your awareness to your chair and concentrate on the point one inch below the navel for some time. You can even place your finger at this point for uninterrupted attention.

Now feel yourself at the center of the universe and keep reducing the sphere or circle of universe by half and reduce it down into your center point. Keep your focus continuously on it. Hold this sense of oneness with the universe for some moments.

Step Two -- Total Relaxation

Now you can use your own method of relaxation. Concentrating simply on your breathing for some minutes without trying to change or force it, will also keep you relax. Or, to get a clear insight of total relaxation, read Relaxation Techniques series in my blog and Stress Relief hub post. Relaxation fused with concentration on the gravity point puts you into the state of powered relaxation.

Step Three -- Total Weightless, Let gravity support you

This is another important step where you let your full weight fall into the chair or floor. It is as like following the law of gravity, "Every object drops when it falls". Now, let the earth's gravity relax your whole body. Sense the lightness of you body parts as gravity is taking care of all your weight. You feel rooted, totally relaxed and supremely calm.

Step Four -- Radiate Chi Energy

Now, feel the chi energy flowing through your body from all parts and extending it from your hands, especially finger tips. Allow this vital universal energy to low down your arms and release from your fingers to the infinite space. This is the same energy which is used in Reiki Principles to heal self and to heal others. This is the same energy which recharges, energizes and balances your body and burns the toxins present. It is the same energy which cleanses your energy centers and clear the way for kundalini awakening. Hold this unified state for several minutes. Now take deep long breathes. Stretch your hands and now your are energized and refreshed.

To reach this optimum state, you need to practice this workout with consistency and dedication. Once, you are able to move into this powerful fused state with ease, you can prepare yourself for any kind of challenge either mental or physical immediately. To test your success, perform a simple experiment. When you feel, you are deeply rooted in your gravity point or center of gravity, ask your friend or relative to try to push you either on your chest or shoulder. If you are effected by this push and knocked out, it means you need more and more practice.

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      Gjivan 4 years ago

      Yah, its always great to be in touch with great writers and bloggers from around the world. But, when you see guys from the same country, its really awesome. Thankx for being connected with me in LinkedIn as well. I am not so active in hubpages as i am busy with my own online business model, anyway keep up your good work and keep in touch. Hubpages, Squidoo and much web 2.0 sites for me are for promotional purpose and experimentation with various SEO methods as well....

      Anyway, thankx for commenting this hubpost. Take care!!

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal

      I surely have heard about Qi Gong and Chi but did not know anything. I learned something new from this hub.

      PS: I'm lazy when it comes to write long comment. However, I thank you for your comprehensive comment on my travel hub.