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Dental Braces for Adults - Do or Don't?

Updated on February 15, 2013

Many people come to the realization that braces are not as scary as they were when they were children, and decide that maybe adulthood is the time to fix their pearly whites. But a whole different problem now arises: Am I too old to wear braces? What will people think? What's the whole point of fixing my teeth if I'm old enough to start losing them? What can I expect once I have braces?

I know that was my dilemma. Granted, I'm not old enough to start losing my teeth again, but I did worry about what others may think. I'm not a teenager any more and I worried about looking silly or childish if I decided to get braces.

But, at last, everything was resolved. I followed the words of a very bright 5-year-old girl I know. Every time I would tell her that her clothes didn't match, she would respond: "Who cares!"

And how wise those words are!

"who cares!" is what I say to the world, or to those who don't agree with me getting braces. "Who cares!" is what I say to those who say, or think, I'm too old to care about my smile.

The same advice goes to you. If you are toying with the idea of getting braces, but worry about what others may think, repeat after me: "WHO CARES!".

While trying to decide whether I should go forth with my braces idea, I did a little research that I hope helps you a bit in your decision. Apparently right now is the perfect time to wear braces because you no longer have to wear a big device on your head telling everyone you have a crooked smile. Now braces come in more discreet packages.

"Regular" or metallic braces

I call them "regular" because these are the braces that come to everyone's mind when you mention the word. They are the braces with metal brackets. These are only cool because you get to wear colorful bands (yay!) Apparently, these braces are great for fixing pretty much any crooked smile. They are tough, rough, and last longer. One of the disadvantages of metal braces is that they can cause sores inside your mouth. Most people I've talked to said they got over these sores in about 2 weeks.

Lingual braces Lingual braces Lingual braces

These are braces placed on the back of your teeth. So pretty much only you will know you are wearing them, because no one else will be able to tell. I thought this was a pretty good idea, but then I thought no one would see my colorful bands, and where's the fun in that???

Your dentist has to be very familiar as to how to "install" these, since they require a special process. Also, they may also be more expensive since each bracket has to be custom made. Also, if you have small teeth, lingual braces are not for you.


I think everyone, or at least almost everyone, is familiar with these. These are the braces that you can take on and off. They are transparent and no one will be able to tell they're there. The only problem with these is that they are not meant for everyone. If your mouth is super crooked, then your dentist may recommend to just go with the standard, metal braces.

From what I read in my research, teeth after standard braces look a lot more straight and nice than after Invisalign.

Ceramic Braces

I think the world is obsessed with Tom Cruise. Every time I looked up "ceramic braces", there had to be an article that mentioned that Tom Cruise had ceramic braces. Honestly I don't care what kind of braces he used, or what toothpaste he desires. Anyway, I digressed. (I just really hate it when others think that I want to get ceramic braces because Tom Cruise had them!)

Back to topic: Ceramic Braces are braces the color of your teeth. They are noticeable, but not as much as metal braces. One problem with these braces is that they are not as strong as metal braces. And, depending on the kind of insurance you have, if one bracket breaks, you have to pay the replacement. Metal brackets don't have this problem. If they break they can usually be replaced without any cost.

One problem to keep in mind with ceramic braces is that they stain. So if you choose to go with ceramic braces, watch what you eat (don't eat curry), or you may end up with stained brackets that will give you a homeless-smile look.

Also, keep in mind that ceramic braces are more expensive than standard braces.

My Braces

After all the research, I decided to just go with the cheap, strong choice: metal braces. I was also persuaded by the colorful bands. Yes, I know it sound childish, but I just love color! And if I can have colorful teeth, then life if just a little bit sweeter!

P.S. I'm getting my braces tomorrow!!!


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