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Updated on April 28, 2011

Aerobics Cardio Exercises -- Something Different

Aerobics cardio exercises are something altogether different from bodybuilding workouts like push-ups, chin-ups and weight lifting. That kind of exercise is meant to target and enlarge skeletal muscles in places like the legs, arms and chest. I do that kind of exercise myself, and I have nothing against it, on their own they cannot improve health and fitness because they cannot optimize a body’s supply of oxygen. Unlike muscle-building exercises, the benefits of aerobics cardio exercises extend to every tissue and organ of the body.

What Are Aerobics Cardio Exercises?

          The purpose of aerobics cardio exercises is to enhance the body’s oxygen supply so that it can function better and with more energy. The word “aerobic” means “with oxygen.” According to Wikipedia, “Aerobic exercise is physical exercise that intends to improve the oxygen system… and refers to the use of oxygen in the body’s metabolic or energy-generating process.” “Cardio,” of course, refers to the heart. The intention of aerobics cardio exercise is to optimize the heart and lungs that they can increase the blood-oxygen throughout the body.

           In order to accomplish the body’s blood-oxygen supply a person must sustain a reasonable amount of effort over a prolonged period of time. The aerobics cardio exercises which I recommend have the target of conditioning the body until a person is able to do the equivalent of 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity, four times a week, with the heart rate raised to 150 beats per minute.

Aerobics Cardio Exercises for Lung Development

Aerobics cardio exercises will enlarge the portion of the lungs which is useful for breathing. No one can use 100% of his lungs to breathe. There is a portion of our lungs called residual volume that holds air that we can never exhale. This is part of God’s designs so that our lungs won’t collapse. But residual volume cannot be used for breathing. Vital capacity is the part of the lungs that inhales and exhales. When the body is conditioned through aerobics cardio exercise, more and more of the lungs change from residual volume to vital capacity so that more is useful for breathing. When a person is well conditioned, about 75% of his lungs will be vital capacity.

Since the lungs have no muscles of their own, they must rely on the surrounding muscles in the diaphragm and chest to expand. Those muscles are not very strong in a person who is not fit. During normal activity there is no problem. However, during vigorous activity those muscles are not strong enough to meet the body’s need for oxygen. If a person continues to be inactive, eventually even normal movement becomes exhausting.

Aerobics Cardio Exercises for Heart Development

Aerobics cardio exercises keep the heart strong for continuous use all our lives. The heart is the most important organ in the body and is made entirely of muscle tissue. All muscle tissue, including the heart, is surrounded by blood vessels which feed it oxygen. An inactive person has a heart that is small and weak because not much is required of it. The blood vessels that feed the heart tissue are also small and can be partly or completely clogged. Specialized nerves which control the heart rate may become inefficient so that in a time of crisis the heart rate can run away to levels that are dangerously high, resulting in a potentially fatal heart attack.

A person who has conditioned himself with aerobics cardio exercise has a heart that is much stronger and larger. Since more has been required of his heart it has more muscle tissue. The heart also has a much greater capacity because the chambers inside the heart are much larger. The heart beats slower and does its work with much less effort because it is much more resilient. The well-conditioned heart receives a much better supply of oxygen and nutrition because the blood vessels that surround it are much larger and cleaner. These cleaner blood vessels reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Aerobics Cardio Exercises for Blood Vessel Development

            Aerobics cardio exercises optimize the circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body by improving the condition of the blood vessels.  An unconditioned person may have several unhealthy and dangerous conditions in his blood vessels.  They may be small and stiff, causing resistance to blood flow and making the heart work harder and raising blood pressure.  The blood vessels are fewer in number so that each of the few must do more work.  Often these few blood vessels are lined or even totally congested with fatty plaque which can clog the veins in the heart and cause a potentially fatal heart attack.  If a piece of plaque breaks off it can travel to the brain and cause a crippling or deadly stroke.

            There are three ways in which aerobics cardio exercises will improve the health and condition of blood vessels. In A process called vascularization the body actually grows new blood vessels to meet the increased demand because it senses the need for more circulation.  Blood pressure lowers and the resistance to blood flow is reduced because blood vessels are made larger and more elastic.

Aerobics Cardio Exercises for a New Life

I thank God for aerobics cardio exercises. It made a real difference in my life. I used to be doing everything wrong. Since my childhood I was a couch potato, sitting in front of the TV all days. Almost the only exercise I had was when I got off the couch to change channels (since we didn’t have remotes back then). My eating habits were also very unhealthy. I loved junk food, and sometimes I ate just for entertainment. I’m afraid to think of what shape I might be in today if there hadn’t been a change in my life style.

I enjoy a much better life now. Today I am 53. Normally I enjoy taking 5-mile runs three times a week. I’m not tired and lethargic all day long like I used to be. I see very little television any more because I am so busy enjoying that I couldn’t do when I was a child or a teenager. Aerobics cardio exercise has probably added many quality years to my life.

The life style that I’m enjoying today is not a quick fix that will suit everybody. We are all different. Some people have chronic conditions which could be aggravated by any kind of vigorous activity. Even a normal person who tries to do too much too quick is likely to become discouraged because of all the muscle aches and pains that come by doing physical activity that he is not used to. If you have been inactive for a long it is always wise to consult a doctor before starting an aerobics cardio exercise program, especially if you have some chronic condition. But if you have enough aspiration to give it a try, there is a very simple plan to get you started. Most normal people can easily follow this plan to good aerobic condition in about 10 weeks. You need no special equipment and no personal trainer. The best part is that its free! Check out the Benefits of Aerobics Exercise plan for yourself.  Check it out on this site:


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