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Getting Married in EARLY 20's

Updated on June 1, 2017

The modern society tells us to go to school, graduate, establish a career, gain financial security, and then settle down with your partner. I've found that there are actually many women in my life, my mum , my grand mum who married young and have no regrets. Neither do I ! Yes, I got married at the age of 19 and have loved every moment of it.So what is it about getting married young that made me say "I do" before I even graduated or started my career?

1. While you are young, you can completely enjoy life with your partner ie. the freedom to grow and experience things you have never done before.

2. Marriage equals compromise. Together , from a very early age ,you both learn to sacrifice and compromise a bit as you approach hurdles in future regarding big life decisions.

3.Support. When you're starting your career or in school or moving every couple years, it's so nice to have a cheerleader all the time.

4. A common buzzword nowadays is “work-life-balance.” You know, managing a career, parenthood and even taking care of your own parents simultaneously. Making work-life-balance a reality seems much more feasible at a younger age.

5. YOU NEVER AGE ! - how cool is that ; your kids will be all grown up whilst you still look like a celebrity hot mamma ;) and if you finish having kids by 30, your lovely teenagers will (hopefully) be out of the house by the time you hit 48.

6. Make infinite memories with your partner - remember in good times and bad? Well, you both have had lived a fair bit of bad and the good times by the age of 60. Imagine, wouldn't it be nicer to look back onto so many memories and share all these experience with your spouse 40-50 years down the life? While it is said that 20's is the decade to practice "YOLO" - ism , nothing beats practicing that with your best friend, your soul mate.

Marriage is difficult. There will be good and bad times in any case in the event that you marry at 25 or 30. But, the future searches a considerable measure brighter for people who get hitched within the near future. All in all, in case you're in your 20s and found "the one" — what are you sitting tight for? Get married and fabricate a lifetime of recollections with your love. One day it will be all you need to think back on.

Early Marriage

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