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Almonds-Why are They Healthy ?

Updated on March 14, 2014

Spice up your diet with Almonds

I like almonds. Do you love too? Everyday I eat 7 almonds but usually in breakfast. The best way to eat them is to soak overnight in water. This make almonds soft and you can peel the outer covering. These nuts are enclosed in hard outer shell. When you break the shell , you reach the edible seed. This seed is brown in color with fine lines resembling the shape of human eyes. If you peel the outer brown cover you find a white color inside. Easily available in market , these nuts are nutritious and healthy. Nuts can be eaten as they are to achieve the best benefits for health- cancer prevention, strengthening bones etc. Gourmets have experimented with these nuts by number of ways like adding salt or adding chocolate cover to almonds, using as almond flour etc.

Types of Almond

Various types of almonds are available in the market. Experimentation with almonds leads to these varieties. The normal light brown colored seed gives the eater the maximum nutrition with health benefits.

a)Raw Green Almond
These are raw almonds that have been procured from the trees before they are fully ripe. The months when these almonds are available are April, May, and June. The softer seed is covered with a green fuzzy shell. One can break shell by your teeth or by knife to obtain the soft edible seed.

b) Almonds with shell covering
When almonds are fully ripe, the outer shell becomes a hard covering. One needs to use a nut cracker to uncover the shell to obtain the seed. This nut is cream colored with an outer brown coating.They have a greater shell life compared to green almonds.

c) Almonds without shell
Ready to eat and use it various food recipes

d) Almonds using blanching
Blanching is a technique to remove the outer brown coating from the almond nut. The almonds are boiled in water for some time. Then it becomes easy to remove this brown coating. The skin peels by rubbing. The cream unskined almond nut is called blanched almonds.

e) Soaked almonds
Soaked the almonds overnight in water. The soaking makes the almonds soft. You easily remove the skin by rubbing just like the blanched almonds. The only difference between the two techniques is in soaking the nature of almonds change as the become cool for our body.

f) Almonds that are roasted
Roast the almonds in preheated over at 175 degrees for 8 minutes. On can roast the almonds as stir frying in a pan. You need to add a small spoon of oil and then heat it . When roasted sprinkle salt or powdered sugar as you like.

g)Slivering the Almonds
Slivered almonds are finely narrow cut pieces of un-skinned almonds. These are crunchy in taste.

h)Sliced Almond
Sliced pieces of natural almonds used to garnish deserts, ice creams, salads soups and vegetable dishes

i)Sliced Blanched Almonds
Thin slices of blanched almonds are perfect for deserts,smoothies and other recipes. You can also serve them to your guests

j)Almond Flour/ Meal
Almonds powder is called flour/ meal.The main usage is in food recipes.

k) Chocolate almonds
Coated with chocolate.

l) Sugar coated almonds

Nutrients in Almonds per 100 grams

Per 100 grams
% of Daily Value based on 2,000 calorie requirement
576 Kcal
Dietary Fiber
12.2 g
4 g
Total Fats
Saturated Fats
Trans fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-6 fatty acids
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
26.2 mg
Vitamin B6
Pantothenic Acid
Information Source : USDA Nutrient Database

Health Benefits of Almonds

1) Aids in the management of diabetes
Diabetic patients who eat almonds after their meal will not have sudden surge in bloog sugar levels. This is due to almonds low glycemic index levels. As food with low levels are low in carbohydrates thus preventing the spike in blood sugar levels after your meal. Besides controlling diabetes it also prevents the diabetes desease in a non-diabetic person.

2)Beneficial to heart
Almonds are heart healthy as they prevent heart problems and diseases. a) LDL Cholesterol levels are lowered - This is due to Phytosterols present in almonds. And at the same time leads to the increasing levels of good HDL cholesterol. Thus preventing problems due LDL cholesterol.
b) Antioxidant in almonds especially Vitamin E stops the oxidation of cells.
c) Essential amino acids- Arginine does the action of protecting inner linings of artery walls. d) Controls High BP: Potassium in almonds are responsible for regulating blood pressure and lowering high BP level.

3) Prevents the formation of Gallstones

4) Prevention of Cancer This is is the result of antioxidants content in almonds.

5) Leads to weight management thus preventing obesity
Dietary fiber in good quantity present in almonds make our stomach feel full and thus reducing the desire to eat. Hence leading to weight control and obesity prevention.

6) Cures as well as prevents Constipation
Dietary fiber in almonds prevent as well as cure your constipation problems

7) Good Brain Tonic
You will have a strong memory if you eat almonds regularly. As a result brain diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer are prevented

8)Antioxidant Vitamin E benefits
High Vitamin E levels in almonds provide many health benefits like enhances hair/skin beauty, cancer prevention, good for eyes etc.

9) Enhances Skin Beauty
Almond oil application on skin softens it and acts as anti-ageing lotion.

10) Boosts your Immunity

11) Boosts your energy levels
To get rid of your tiredness almonds give you instant energy and stamina

12) Makes your bones, teeth healthy and strong
This is due to Phosphorus present in almonds

Interesting Almond Food recipes


This article is meant for information purpose only. The information provided here is not a substitute of professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of doctors or physician before using the information in this article for any health program.

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