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When Bullying Destroy Lives

Updated on May 4, 2016

Have you ever wondered what runs through the minds of bullies?

Do you think that they consider the consequences of their actions? It is extremely important that we all speak out against bullying.

Before going any further into the impact that bullying has had on my life, Allow me to briefly describe bullying and its effect on our society. Can we as parents, teachers, and students work together to help cure this epidemic? Yes we can! Bullying is defined as a pattern of aggressive behavior meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person.

Words hurt!


Bullying is defined as a pattern of aggressive behavior meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person.

Bullies also overpower their victims because they are sometimes stronger, bigger, or they have support from their friends. Bullying behaviors take various forms including ‘physical attacks, verbal threats, name-calling, isolation, rejection, blackmail, exclusion and a range of other behaviors that undermine the independence of the individual (victim).

According the Center of Disease and Control Prevent (CDC), suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people in the United States. Over 4,400 deaths occur every year.Studies from Yale University have shown that young people who have been bullied are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide than those who are not victims. According to ABC News, over 160,000 students (30 percent) in the U.S. stay away from school daily because of their fear of being bullied. These numbers are very alarming.


Anti-bullying activist

I was once a victim of bullying.My mother serves in the foreign affairs section of the Government of Canada which means that we have to be relocated around the world often. At our previous post in New Jersey, I had the most challenging time.

I was teased about my accent, the kind of clothes I wore, (long skirt, long sleeve blouse etc) my height (short) and just about everything I did. My grades fell, I lost my confidence, and I hated going to school.

I turned to food as an escape. It got so bad that I constantly thought about suicide. I was extremely blessed to have a mother who saw the changes in me and reacted by taking me to counseling. However, many others were not so lucky.

I believe that bullying can be stopped but we all have to work towards achieving that goal.

Parents must always be alert. They must look for changes in their children. They must always talk about bullying. If a child is being bullied at school, they must talk to the teachers or counselors in charge to come up with ways to prevent further bullying.

Parents must discourage all behavior of bullying at home. Teachers must also be very alert when in charge of a class or group. They must separate the group, ensure that vulnerable children are not singled out, and watch hotspot in schools where bullying usually occurs. There are also roles that peers can play that would help stop bullying.

We as students do not have to be bystanders while someone is being bullied. We can seek help by urgently speaking to those in charge. The student handbook should be used to establish a positive climate at school.

Schools can help set up anti-bullying programs with consequences for aggressive individuals and be consistent in enforcing these consequences. This can be done by creating youth awareness.

Being bullied is no fun. It leaves the victim emotionally or physically scarred. Many young people have lost their lives because of bullying. We as a people cannot stand by and continue to watch this epidemic destroy our youth. We must work hard to discourage this negative behavior.

Preventing bullying

How can you defend yourself from being bulling?

See results

Speak out.


Bullying can.....

-Cause one to have low self-esteem

-Poor grades

-Cause one to commit suicide

-Isolation from the society.

Names calling can hurt!

Katherine Jenkins

"Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this”.

My pledge



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    • profile image

      amazingbeauty16 2 years ago

      Definitely true. I never really talk in class or out of class. Which gave them more room teasing me with things I didn't like. I also never saw any of them attacking students who were more like strong and voluble.

    • Parimalpolymath profile image

      Prabhat Parimal 2 years ago from India

      Bullies choose soft targets: children who are shy, timorous, and reserved. Such tender children need someone, especially parents and teachers, to protect them. They can't alone defend themselves because being unique they are minority.