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Universal Health Care in America

Updated on April 1, 2012

Universal Health care is a big issue in our country. The country seems evenly split over if it is the best thing for the people. The political parties are as usual picking the party line and debating the internet of the constitutions commerce clause. The question should be is universal health care good for the people and is the current plan feasible long term

Romney Care

President Obama and the democratic party has been saying that they just copied romney care and brought it to a bigger spectrum. While they may believe this Romney Care was roughly 70-80 pages long, obama care is a 2700 page document. Secondly romney care took what he believe was an approach best for the state and said many times this plan should not be implemented nationwide. He also brings up the facts that obam has never contacted him regarding the plan.

The flaw in Romney care is the only reason it is succeeding is because he federal government is investing more money in Massachusetts then in any other state in the country for health care. They pay much higher amounts for medicare and medicaid needs and super fund the state. This has also made it nearly impossible for neighboring states to work with patients on Romney care and makes it challenging to expand networks. If the federal government didn't supplement Massachusetts so much their health care plan would fail.

Obama Care

If you believe the followed romney care ideas the one thing they didn;t accomplish was fixing the errors. A major flaw in both romney care and obama care is that the policies goal was to be put in effect before they have the money long term or the medical personnel to deal with all patients needs. A second major issue is for the plan to work long term is the costs of college and universitites would have to be reduced so more individuals could work in the medical field. Beyond a reduction in school costs doctors and hospitals would have to agree to take pay cuts. I do not believe all of this would happen.

Another major issue is costs. The government sees to believe health insurance can be covered at a 0 percent tax increase to most people which is not true at all. Individuals would need to expect a 5-8 percent increase in taxes for the rest of their lives to make this feasible. I mean every person who is eligible to pay taxes, which means no more 50% of working americans not paying taxes.

Citizens Problems

Many citizens believe they want health care for all but would they be willing to pay for it? This is an unknown an increase in taxes by 8% may make less people likely to pass the bill. Long terms the only countries that have had success with more socialist tendency are homogeneous countries. Norway,Sweden and Denmark for example. These people report being happier as well. But it is still an unknown in America. Are individuals willing to pay a big increase in taxes to provide security for all. Liberals at times claim they are but if you look at rates of donations republicans tend to donate and give more. Actually 8 ot of the top 10 states that donate are conservative.


The true dilemmashoudn't be the wording in the constitution but an understand of the true increases that would have to happen for ideas like universal health care to succeed.


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    • lisa42 profile image

      lisa42 5 years ago from Sacramento

      None of the wealthy politicians coming up with these health care plans have to use the same system as the rest of us, so I don't think they really try to come up with something that works. They just want something that will earn them votes.