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an short guide in being the perfect personal care attendant

Updated on August 7, 2016

How many of you ever seen or knew a personal care attendant?

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Information on Personal Care Attendant

Personal Care Attendants are people whom go in to different homes to assist people whom are disabled, and elderly with all of their cares and needs. It can range from cooking, cleaning, grooming, doing housework, and other needs.

Not only that but another thing personal care attendants do is help them with their cares. Like taking showers, or baths, getting dress and undressed and brushing their teeth and so on.

This is normal thing that personal care attendants do on a daily basis this is not hard it like what you would do for yourself but helping out someone in need. another thing you should know is their are tests that you complete yearly to make sure that you still qualify and meet the standard that is set in your state. The tests are not hard. One last thing when working as a Personal care attendant you will need to fill out a time sheet this records your times and what you did for that day and this is how you get paid.

Tips in how to be the perfect personal care attendant.

  1. good attitude having a good attitude shows that you want to help them.
  2. self starter This is good to have because being able to doing thing by yourself while client is gone or sleep is a plus.
  3. Always on time is a big plus because when working with people who need you to be there because their lives are in your care.
  4. Will power this is something that everyone should have being able to have that power to show your client that yes i'm here and ready this big one to always have.
  5. Always follow the OSHA guidelines when caring for your client always follow by osha the reason is that person could have special things that need to be causes with.
  6. wash hands and wear gloves this is a must because germs can make you and the client very sick.

these tips will help you become the perfect Personal Care Attendant.

knowledge of Personal Care Attendant

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Places Personal Care Attendants can work

  • Hospitals some hospitals have personal care attendant assist their patients with simple cares.
  • Nursing Homes Personal Care attendant can work in some of the nursing home that allow them to work.
  • Clients home This where you would work through a Home Health agency then they get you all set up to work.
  • Private homes like for the big important people like actor and so on this where they would screen and set you up personally.

These are some places you can work as A personal Care Attendant,

Personal care Attendant caring for someone.

Here is personal care attendant assisting some with their grooming.
Here is personal care attendant assisting some with their grooming. | Source


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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 16 months ago from India

      Very helpful tips & suggestions.