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Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Workout Plan

Updated on August 7, 2011

Andrew Garfield is a Lean, Mean, Spidey Machine

This page is dedicated to reveal as much information for those interested in the exact workout and diet plan Andrew Garfield used to get in shape for his role as Marvel Comic's Spider-Man. The physique required for the role isn't the bodybuilder type. Functional lean and long muscles are key to slip into the skin tight costume.

We will highlight some of the styles Garfield used to get in shape, from power yoga to pilates, and how he turned his diet around to get him crime-fighting fit.

I will be updating this page when I come across new information.

The Official Trailer of Amazing Spiderman!

A Prequel To A Modern Classic

Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire Costume Comparison
Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire Costume Comparison

Tobey Maguire set the standard of physicality the role of Spider-Man required. He changed his body from flabby to fit, for not just one outing as the friendly-neighborhood arachnid, but for the entire trilogy.

But, Garfield shouldn't worry about getting caught in all the webbing in his outing as Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man. He's already got the lean look down. It's almost a "Hollywood requirement" for young actors. But, to be a believable crime fighter, he needed to build functional muscle onto his frame that allowed for the right kind mobility the stunts would demand from him.

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman - Comic Con!

How Does One Train To Be A Super Hero?

Here is the Plan His Trainers Used to Get Him Role-Ready

Garfield's trainers would have extensively used Pilates and Plyometrics to get him ready with power and speed. The great thing about plyometrics is that the high-intensity training methods allow for growth in strength gains and power. Usual plyometric exercises are hops, box jumps and bounding exercises joined together in progressing patterns. These types of workouts help to limit injury and while also increasing power, speed and strength. This would be the best option for the role of a teenager Spider-Man, who's still got a lot of growing up to do.

Pilates is used to strengthen the core muscles while helping to provide spinal alignment and building lean, long muscles. Too much muscle mass would hinder Garfield's performance because the character is almost the most flexible and mobile of all super-heroes. This type of fitness routine revolves around low-impact exercises that help to establish balance and while being a stand-alone exercise methodology, or to compliment another system. Such as in Garfield's case, Plyometics re-enforced by Pilates.

Get Fit At Home With the Right Know-How!

Home Fitness Manual
Home Fitness Manual

Training the Plyometrics Way

Pilates Training

The Super Hero Diet Plan Revealed

In his role for Never Let Me Go, Garfield 's slimmed down quite a bit. His "crash" diet allowed him to lose considerable weight within just a week's time frame. He was allowed to eat only one piece of sushi a day. Pretty extreme to lose weight. But to build muscle on a skinny guys frame, the opposite was needed.

The average person needs to consume around 10-20 percent of their caloric-intake as protein, depending of course on body weight composition and training needs. Athletes typically strive for anywhere around 1 to 2 grams (each day) of protein per 2.2 lbs of body weight. Garfield's diet would most-likely revolve around lean sources of protein, such as chicken breast, and plenty of vegetables for the micronutrient resources. Fruit would be consumed at a minimum because they are a source of unnecessary sugar.

A Guide of Protein Sources:

(Source - Portion- Amount)

Beef - 3 oz - 21 grams

Cheese - 3 oz - 21 grams

Chicken - 3 oz - 21 grams

Eggs - 2 large - 13 grams

Fish - 3 oz - 21 grams

Milk - 8 oz - 8 grams

Peanut butter - 2 tbsp - 8 grams

Tofu - 3 oz - 15 grams

Turkey - 3 oz - 21 grams

Yogurt - 8 oz - 8 grams

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