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Andy Whitfield's Workout Routine for Spartacus

Updated on June 1, 2010

Andy Whitfield gets "Gladiator Ripped" to play Spartacus

If you've been following the new show Spartacus: Blood and Sand, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the chiseled physiques the characters have worked to get, and more want to know how you can do the same.

Everyone has seen the "Men's Health Workout" for these guys, but I have synergistically combined that Interval Circuit with a weight training program that will leave you lean and ripped, with a solid muscular base. You'll be strengthening and defining muscles while making them denser and harder, for a sharp angular look. Let's take a look at the workout program for achieving this look and how to put a twist on it to maximize your results.

Spartacus: Season 1 Trailer

Men’s Health has come up with an interval-style workout that is said to have been the backbone of the actors’ workout regimen. Men's Health always does something kind of like this when a movie or show with ripped dudes comes out... think 300, Never Back Down, Into the Blue, etc. Whether it's the exact routine or not, they do design the workout to yield results that will be similar to what the actors themselves had attained. Another pretty awesome thing about this workout is the mobility of it. You need virtually no space and only minimalist equipment to perform the circuit. ===>Official Andy Whitfield Workout Here <===

An additional plus to this type of workout is how simple it is and you can do it anywhere. The only equipment you'll need is two fairly light dumb bells and one dumb bell that's a little bit heavier. For men, 15 pound dumb bells would be the recommendation for the lighter pair, and 25-30 pounds for the slightly heavier dumb bell.

While you might see a slight increase in your muscle mass gain, remember it's not the main goal. If your muscular base is already fairly solid you'll find this kind of workout is terrific for defining the muscle you have and increasing your muscle stamina.

You will discover the Spartacus Workout will challenged your entire body with its 41 minute interval routine. You'll work with a cycle of 10 movements that are done for 1 minute, and a 15 second rest between each of the movements. The workout will be 3 rounds of each cycle and then a two minute timeout period between each of the rounds.

Muscular Strength & Endurance Create a Solid Look

If you're still looking to pack on lean mass, you can implement this workout into your program, because is effective - just not as much on the end of muscular size increases. However, as I’ll outline below for you, you will combine heavy resistance training with the Spartacus Workout for a dangerously effective combined effect. Your cardio will be challenged with the circuit training portion of the program.

Spartacus Interval Workout:

  • This is a 41 minute full body workout, including the rest periods
  • Some exercises incorporate the weights, others are bodyweight only
  • You will perform 3 rounds of 10 different exercises
  • Each exercise is performed for 1 minute. You then rest for 15 seconds and move onto the next exercise. Rinse, lather and repeat. After a complete round of 10 exercises is finished, you earn a 2 minute break before repeating the round twice more
  • You should not rest; if you can’t finish an exercise for the full minute, rest as minimally as possible and keep going
  • This is NOT an easy workout, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes as your strength and endurance increases

The 10 Movements

  1. Goblet Squat (Using heavier DB)
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Single-arm DB Swing (30 seconds each arm)
  4. Alternating T-Pushups
  5. Split Jumps
  6. Bentover DB Row
  7. DB Side-lunge and Touch
  8. Renegade Row
  9. Forward-lunge and Twist (Using heavier DB)
  10. Overhead DB Press

Legs and core are really put to the test with this workout. Now, for the synergistic hybrid effect of using this workout with a solid strength program:

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Mon - Chest, Back Strength Training
Tues - "Spartacus"
Wed - Shoulders
Strength Training
Thurs - "Spartacus"
Fri - Biceps, Triceps
Strength Training
Sat - "Spartacus"
Sun - Rest

Note: This is a pretty hardcore program. You might want to change it up a bit to allow for another Rest day, i.e. put shoulders and arms all on Thursday - then Rest Friday.

For more detailed instructions, check out exercise demos here.


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