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Angels Among Us_Memory of Guardian Angels

Updated on January 20, 2013

Chrismas Tree's Guardian Angel for Family

During Christmas, we always put up a Christmas Tree with presence and lights. It is a holiday spirit for us as it is for many Americans no matter what is the spiritual faith of our fathers, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or some other .

In our spiritual faith, Hinduism, celebrating or participating in Christmas celebrations is not forbidden. So for my family, the lighted Angel we put up at the top of the Christmas tree somehow has a special meaning of good will for the holiday season and beyond.

In thee holiday celebration, the Angel brings the spirit of good will to our family, friends, neighbors and nation.


An Angel is a Messanger of God to Protect Humans, Especially Children

There can be an Hindu analogy in the Festival of Dewali, the Festival of Light, victory of forces of good over evil, celebrated by Hindus all over India and elsewhere.

Today, the concept of Angels as messenger of God in Heaven continues to inspire many in arts, music, poetry and religion , particularly in Christian cultures of many variations that exists today after centuries of cultural development separated by history, geography and culture .

Angels as messangers of God in Heavan is an ancient concept.

It is impossible to see the angel unless you first have a notion of it. James Hillman


It t is recorded in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible that is also part of heritage of Christanity. The word “Angel” both in Hebrew and Greek means “messenger”.

While there are more than one angel with specific task from Heavan for that angel, one angel called the archangel have inspired Christian world for many centuries, St. Michael.

Among other angels, there is Gabriel, performs God’s kindness. Raphael, persforms God’s healing force, and Michael, who performs acts of justice and power.

O' What may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side! William Shakespeare


But somehow Archangel Michael has captured the spiritual faith and artistic expression that is simply fascinating and awe inspiring today. .

Archangel Michael first appears in the Book of Daniel of the Hebrew Bible. Biblical scholars estimates Book of Daniel to have been written around 165 BC, during the era of revolt in Judea known as the Macabean Revolt and marked today by the Jewish Festival of Hannuka (Festival of Light).

Welcome to Vienna, Austria


In this century before Jesus, expectation of the “Messiah” described in the book of Daniel as “Son of Man” encouraged people of Israel to stay streadfast to the Law in the face of oppression they faced from the forces of evil represented by ruler Antiochus IV. Antiochus IV is synonemous in Hebrew literature of of this period and subsequently as force of evil (Satan).

It is pretty clear, the oppressive times faced by people of Israel hundred years later, in time of Jesus, it was the prophetic expectations revealed by Book of Daniel a century earlier influenced people’s expectation of a redeemer

From The Archangel Memory Book

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Archangel Michael - His first role is the leader of the Army of God and the leader of heaven's forces in their triumph over the powers of hell


In fact, the Essenses, a Hebrew Sect we have come to know with the 20th century accidental discovery of Qumran, we know that Book of Daniel was a major influence on this Jewish sect in expectation of a “Redeemer” and the Force of Good over Evil soon to come.

Army of Archangel Michael with two messiah, one of the royal lineage of King David, and the other of priestly lienage, under the guidance of God’s Messanger to humanity were to defeat the forces of Satan, and bring “Kingdom of Heaven” on earth.

Who were the Parthians ? - Competed with Roman Empire for More Than 500 Years After Alexander of Macedonia


Jesus of Nazzarath Arrives 100 years or so later in an era of Oppression by Roman Rule

“ His starting point was the Gospel of John the Baptist, which itself went back to Daniel and Enoch;. The Kingdom of Heavan was at hand, he said, soon God would put an end to the reign of wickedness on earth; the Son of Man would come “on the clouds of the sky” to judge all humanity, living and dead. Page 565 Caesar and Christ by Will Durant, (Simon and Schuster, 1944)

Lineage of King David to Solomon-- A Critical Memory of Hebrew Nation


From Archangels Memory Book

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Qumran Community--A Startling Biblical Scholar's Window to Era of Jesus and a Century Earlier


Archangel Gabriel


Guardian Angels Very Important Today in America for Kids and Parents


In today’s world in America, the concept of a Guardian Angel for a child is still practiced among many families.

When a child is born, a “god mother’ often becomes a guardian angel. Discussions on how and why “angels’ are meaningful in today’s society is most welcome to link past, present and future on the role of angels for positive emotions, that is linked often with creativity and spirituality on an individual, family and community levels.

Qumran Community and Earliest Christians


Photo Album__My New Group at LinkedIn.Com - Welcome !

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Potomac Knowledge BridgeGanges Wisdom Santuary Bridge
Potomac Knowledge Bridge
Potomac Knowledge Bridge
Ganges Wisdom Santuary Bridge
Ganges Wisdom Santuary Bridge

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