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What causes post surgery complications? hemorrhages during and after surgery?

My mother in law had surgery yesterday for ovarian cancer. They removed her ovaries, uterus and I think a bit of liver but were unable to remove about 20% of the mass on the liver. The surgery which was supposed to last 3 hours, lasted 6 hours and a half because she was bleeding extensively and needed a transfusion. The morning after, she was brought back to surgery for another hemorrhage, and last I know (we are overseas) they stabilized but doctors think she has a 50% chance of making it tonight. Why did this happen? and why are her chances of making it so grim?


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Deborah (eHealer) says

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5 years ago
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    Adrienne Janet Farricelli (alexadry) 5 years ago

    Thank you so kindly for sharing your experience. She did survive the night and made it through. Now she is going through her second chemo and we are waiting to see if there are any improvements. The test results keep you so on edge!