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Oral surgery and GA what are the dangers

I have to have GA for oral surgery on June 27th I have read so many horror stories that GA and oral surgery is dangerous I am very scared of this I have had GA 2 years ago did fine except for a little nausea I had gall bladder surgery than I have also been on oxycodone 10/650 for 2 months for the pain I am having in my mouth before I that I have been on hydrocodone 10/325 for other health problems is that going to cause any problems with GA thanks for your quick response really scared

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TahoeDoc says

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5 years ago
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    Tbear1013 5 years ago

    I do have high blood I am on a medication to control it and a rapid heart beat its called lopresssor my Bp was 151/109 do you think that is because of stress and if I don't get it down will they cancel my surgery sorry to bother you again thanks

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