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HELP - take two - can someone please guide me through the catch-22 of meta-ignorance and planning?

I asked a perhaps much too broad a version of this question and got a couple of earnest but unuseful answers. Partly my bad. I suffer (start the violins!) a menu of problems associated with NVLD, Executive Dysfunction, OCD, ADD (maybe - I think the NLD explains 95% of what looks like ADD), visual processing issues (can take me 10 minutes to find my cell phone that JUST FELL onto the floor), and, of course, some majorly obstructive anxiety. I don't know how to plan a task, how to follow a supervisor's directions unless they are LETTER perfect, and despite +++smarts, lack "common sense".


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DreamerMeg says

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5 years ago
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    stanwshura 5 years ago

    Wow! DreamerMeg, I cannot thank you *enough*! I am STOKED!! I am of course worried about "the abyss", but you did offer a plan, re: daily emails, 'cause yeah, a lot of my neurocog/ & exec fctn difficulties would make using it a catch-22. TYVV