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Can someone get pregnant if she had a 4 day period, 1 month after sex?

This is about a friend, Firstly, sperms could have barely inserted inside her, and she had a 4 day period after 27 days. Then next month she had 3 days period and just one day period this month. So its been three months since she had sex. Why its concerning: 1. She said she is feeling dizzy since a week. 2. Her abdomen is paining a lot. (Although it pains every time she has periods) 3. She said her abdomen seems just a little bit bigger. 4. She is urinating a lot these days. 5. Her jeans has got tight. ( she is a slim girl although) (Cant take preg test till next 7 days) Please Help!!


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JThomp42 says

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4 years ago
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    rishworld 4 years ago

    Thanx for reply. She already has checked with gyno, but wasnt able to tell abt sex as she was with her parent.

    Gyno said some problem with cycle,gave medicine and asked for a sonography,15days later.

    Thus, stress is still on.