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Refrigerating Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract?

I bought Turkey Tail Extract for my fancy rats at the end of January because it is recommended as a holistic tumor fighter. I started giving it to them on January 22 daily - over two weeks ago. Today, I was taking out the bottle when I saw some fine print; "refrigerate after opening". This wasn't on the box I keep it in, and I haven't refrigerated it. Has it lost it's effectiveness? Should I refrigerate it right away? I'm hoping that it is all right, as it wasn't the cheapest and my room is cool from it being winter (and poorly insulated). Any advice would be appreciated.

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Best Answer Patti Downey (grannysgoats) says

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3 years ago
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    Jessica Marello (Dreamhowl) 3 years ago

    Thanks! I ended up talking to a friend who gave similar advice - it didn't seem like it went bad, but that I should just refidgerate it from now on. I just was worried - I really believe it is helping slow the tumor growth, so I wanted to be sure. :)