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Is it wrong to let a pet depart life with the comforts of home instead of being euthanized ?

SoSo, our 12 yr old feline has Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It has given her a death sentence of 1-3 mos. She is on medications and comfortable. We opted out of the radical jaw removal and radiation/chemo, because it will not lengthen life and the cancer cells just rapidly grow right back. She is with her three brothers and feeds thru a tube, purrs when fed and enjoys being brushed. Why should we take her away from what little enjoyment she has just for convience sake? We're okay with the time it takes with her, we love her. I wouldn't kill my child.


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Brittany Kussman says

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3 years ago
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    Dorothy Adams (Alison D Adams) 3 years ago

    I love the fact that she keeps going into the rooms that we are in. She was like in a closet or under a coffee table, however, the past few days she has attempted to at least be near us. Could be her way of saying "It's okay, I'm ready" maybe.

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