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Enlarged lymph node under my jaw since 2010. 4 biopsies done, negative. Can't be removed. Recipe?

I had this enlarged lymph node since 2010. Had 4 biopsies done: negative. It has slightly increased in size( bid red bean). Almost 8 dr seen for that, no one has an answer for me. I asked them to remove it since it bothers me, they all say NO because of the risks since it located near small veins close to my mouth. I have decided to see an ENT, no help. He mentioned Lymphoma but he is not quite sure. I worry a lot since 2010. Don't know what to do. Do you have any suggestions for me? I wish the lump (node ) could disappear or go back to normal size. Recipe 4 me? Dr Kelley Eidem plz?


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