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Is there anyone who is willing to teach an early twenties young woman, how to be a White Witch?

I only want to be taught how to strenghten my mind/spiritual/energies. I have researched many sites and saved alot of information. But I really want a teacher who is willing to share some advice on what I can do to become a full fledged white witch correctly. I cannot pay money, but I can pay attention. Please, I don't need fake or untrue help. I am just a normal person looking for guidance in the right path. Thats all. Please take care :)


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Emily Zeinert (emilyzeinert) says

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2 years ago
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    Auriana Organo 2 years ago

    I have tried meditation, which only resulted in a me sleeping soundly. I do not understand much on visualization. I have a high intuition, and can read people through body language/vibe/ words usage. I can invision preminitions. Am even palm reading

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