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Does anyone have information on a detox of subuxone

Chos 2 go on em bac in 2007 when No1 heard of em. Cuz of Phyc Depend Lg Mg Prescribd Oxys. 4 A Severe Car Acc. where I almost Died. Pain Manag.Wuld Contin em Indefin. Been On 16 Mg Back N Forth In Btwen Surgeries Lst 8 Yrs. Since Bcumin Well Known Addiction Treatmnt- No F Doc Want 2 Prescrib em 2 Me Legit. Not an Addict, Am Chronic Pain Patient- Physicaly Depnd- Well Yeah- So Weaned Myself Down Frm 16-8 in 6 months. N 8 TO 2MG IN 7 Days. Know That's Stupid. Have Personal Reason For Rush. Not Going To Go Fast Drum Here. And Not Going To Try To Jump Unless Under .025. JUST ANY ADVICE


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2 years ago
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