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Any foot reflexology specialists out there? I want to know about stabbing pain during reflexology

No matter how much I Google this, I can't seem to find an answer! My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and is experiencing some symptoms right now. I do his feet, and he has intense pain on the hypothalamus area, which makes complete sense. He also has an intense stabbing pain in his eye reflex, and right now his eyelid has drooped and his ear is plugged. We had his eye checked out and there is nothing wrong with the eye, so it is a neurological thing. Is stabbing pain normal on a reflex point, and should I not push as hard on it or should there be a lot of pressure? Thanks


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Justin Choo (Good Guy) says

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2 years ago
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    Kari (Relationshipc) 2 years ago

    Thanks for answering. I think I may tone it down as it is quite sore.