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Are Antioxidants deadly?

In the news concerns are being discussed concerning the over use of antioxidants and a variety of supplements. (See: Antioxidants Link To Deadly Unintended Consequences," by Prof Randolf M. Howes M.D., Ph.D and DEADLY ANTIOXIDANTS; Why Your Daily Vitamins May Be Causing Problems and Shortening Your Life (and How You Can Turn on Your Body’s Own Antioxidants for Optimal Health)). Do you understand why and would you be interested in learning the best way to keep your body healthy?


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Dev Patel009 says

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2 years ago
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    Dr. Larry G. Martin (Larry G Martin) 2 years ago

    Indeed! The science is painting a much better picture f the complexity of the antioxidant concerns. We now know that direct antioxidants (suplaments) can only remove free radicals on a one to one ratio.