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Contribute: A natural high to lead us to Calm.

Uncovering and relying on our Talents and practical know-how lead us to real calm instead of us letting our addictive sides invest in the likes of alcohol food gambling unhealthy relationships...Can you offer at least a discovered high to get one's "natural fix" so to speak? Mine right now is listening to music; and "acting as if" until I attain the motion and faith to do so. What would you like to contribute here today?

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Lois Ryan (LoisRyan13903) says

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19 months ago
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    Threekeys 19 months ago

    I drink chamomile tea when I feel I need a break from drinking coffee which I enjoy very much. Lavender tea?...hmmm must have a look. Love the soft lilac hues of the Jacarandah nice to be literally drinking in the hue of lilac/lavender