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Hi all, this is the first time me posting on here and will really appreciate if somebody could help.

I been having extremely faint lines on pregnancy test and I mean hardly noticeable. Problem is that they show very faint for couples of day then nothing for another day or so then very faint again. What's going on? Pls help I'm due af between today and tomorrow. Very confused at the moment on what is happening. Does anybody know what is happening pls?

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Jen (JeniferRW) says

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12 months ago
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    Barbara76 12 months ago

    Thank you for reply. Af was due on the 7th but didn't show, instead by the evening I got a slightly more visible positive. Today 8th, around 11/12 am I started to bleed, not the usual heavy period, but more lighter. I just don't know what is going on