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Have permanent severe nerve damage, sacroiliac nerve mass, causes me severe chronic pain-NEED HELP!

I have tried everything from major surgeries, which they will do no more of saying "Nothing can be done", to "Chiropractic manipulation under anesthesia" Helped while the anesthesia stayed strong. I am a person that does not respond well to opiates, they do not help my pain unless given in VERY high doses. This has been true all my life, At 6 my dentist Dr. Drilling (NO KIDDING) found out the hard way. Gave me 1 Novocaine shot, he still has the scars from my teeth, it took 7. For a tiny filling. So my life the last 20 years has been hell! Called addict,etc.I Only want a little relief;HELP ME!


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Hxprof says

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11 months ago
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