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What would you do when you come to know your childhood friend has got cancer?

I have met two of my friends who are undergoing treatment. One has blood cancer. He is getting free medicine from a Cancer Hospital. He is improving. The second one has got gum cancer. His facility members are treating him. And from my side, I have given him 600ml for cow urine to drink. His relatives did not like it at all. Their faces told me. And the youngest nephew opposed me openly. But to my surprise, I met the fellow during the funeral. The sick fellow told me he is using the cow urine as prescribed. I could feel his energy from his glowing face. I hope God will answer his prayers


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Jeremy Gill says

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5 months ago
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    gyanendra mocktan 4 months ago

    Hi, Jeremy Gill, I agree with you to respect their self-esteem. However, I got too emotional with the guy who is suffering and his relatives passing sarcastic comments on me. So, I feel for him. Thank you