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Just wanna say you're amazing. I have a brand new leo gecko that I've had for almost a month...

now. He's only about 4 months old. He was fine at first, eating and gaining weight, but now i'm worried for his life. He is now so small that you can see his spine and everything. After researching your site i've determined he's probably impacted from a large waxworm he ate about 5 days ago. I can see the purple mass in his belly. I read your pages and give him daily warm baths and a drop of oil on the tip if his nose. I've also prepared a mixture of 1 can chicken baby food, 1/4 cup pedialite and 1/2 teaspoon calcium powder. I've been trying to give him this for two days now. I don't wanna for

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Whitney (Whitney05) says

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7 years ago