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my father is hyponatrimic for last three months, he is diabetic, cardiac patient with tvd....

multiple bloackage was detected in angiograpy two years ago. CABG cannot done due to age (76) and thin blood vessels. diabetes is from last 16 years. prsent PP suger level at 190mg/dl. serum sodium level is on 118mmol/l. spot urine sodium is 60mmol/l. urine specific gravity is 1.010. urine osmosis is 325. Morever he has cervical compression also at c3-c4, c5-c6. c6-c7.Cannot walk at present at bed rest. taking 5-8 gm salt with water and food. urine output is 2.5-3.0 liter. pedal edema present. weight is 100 kg (obese). what is the treatment and diagnosis should be as in my place doctors are


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6 years ago
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