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Antioxidant Alkaline Ionized Water And Pregnancy

Updated on February 12, 2017
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Jean is a medical intuitive, a gifted healer, and a health researcher and writer. She educates the public on alternative health.

A healthy baby coming to full term
A healthy baby coming to full term | Source

Pregnancy- The Time Of The Most Acidity In A Woman's Body

When a woman gets pregnant, it is exciting times. The body goes through tremendous change as the baby begins to grow inside of you. To give your baby the best chance for a healthy life right into old age, there are some wonderful things you can do to help. To keep you as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy, there are some things you need to know so you can make the best informed decisions.

It all boils down to the internal body pH. You can measure it with saliva and urine pH strips you get from the local health food store. You use it first thing in the morning under your tongue before you put anything in your mouth.

Why Do Some Women Get Morning Sickness?

When sperm meets egg, it's not long before an amniotic sac forms to cradle the baby is a cushion of water. The placenta is the highway that transports nutrients to the fetus from the mother. The fetus receives nutrients through the placenta to grow those trillions of differentiated cells. When the nutrients are consumed, they create acidic wastes which are transported out of its rapidly growing body via the placenta. The mother is only connected to the fetus by the placenta and umbilical cord, so that all that acidic waste from the baby lands in her body. There are no blood vessels connected to this acidic waste stream to transport it to her kidneys and bowels so her body becomes acidic very quickly.

Because blood is so vital to life, mom's blood must maintain its narrow range of pH. When the mother's body is acidified with her own metabolic waste and that of her baby, the body must raise the pH to keep her healthy. To do this, it starts to draw alkaline minerals, from her bones, organs and teeth. If the acidification is too strong and too sudden, nausea and vomiting can be the result. Scientific studies in Japan have shown that the over-acidification of her body is the cause of a lot of the complications of pregnancy like gestational diabetes, morning sickness, food cravings, binge eating, high blood pressure, toxemia and so on. Japanese doctors found that drinking antioxidant alkaline water relieves morning sickness and other gestational symptoms.

If the mother has lots of alkaline reserve in her body in the form of alkaline mineral and/or antioxidant alkaline water, she would have little or no pregnancy-related illness or complications. Japanese researchers found that when there is more acidic discharge from the fetus than there is alkaline buffers, the chances of the baby being born with jaundice are very high.

Pregnancy can age a woman considerably because of the acidic body state. Skin can produce stretch marks and wrinkles, bones can become weaker, blood pressure and diabetes conditions can linger and teeth can become loose in their sockets. Even complications like a rise in cholesterol, uric acid build-up, kidney and gall stones, swelling of hands, feet and legs due to poor circulation can all be pregnancy related. They can linger long after the baby is born and sometimes even for years. The muffin waist that women can't seem to get rid of keeps growing over the years, too, all due to an acidic body condition.

It is so important to inject an external boost of alkalinity to stop the tug of war in our internal acid/alkaline balance. Besides eating a large plate of dark green leafy vegetables at every meal which a lot of people turn their noses to, you can drink antioxidant alkaline water to flush your system of acidic waste. By drinking half your body weight in ounces, you are flushing your body and your baby of acidic waste. You baby will be more healthy and comfortable in the womb and you will be more comfortable and healthy in your own body. It is the easiest and fastest way to get your pregnancy into the comfortable zone so you and baby can enjoy this precious time together.

Pregnancy Books

Sometimes it is good to get advice from experts and moms who have had their babies. It gives you comfort to know others have become pregnant and survived, especially if you think the toilet you are hanging your face in is permanent. You will experience a wide variety of feelings and emotions in addition to huge changes in your body. It's nice to know how to cope.

Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be
Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be
Some foods will make you feel awesome and help your baby get the best start in life. There are also some foods that will soothe the changing digestive tract and relieve its distress. It all helps, especially for the first time preggie.

Pregnancy and Chlorinated Water

Scientists at the University of Birmingham, examined the birth records of 400,000 babies. They found an alarming increase in birth defects in areas where the water is highly chlorinated to disinfect it. The problem with the water is worse in the wintertime when higher turbidity rates are present. The chlorine combines with the organic matter in the water and forms carcinogens called trihalomethanes which are particularly dangerous to pregnant women.

Trihalomethanes or THM's can be absorbed through the skin when showering, ingested while drinking or breathed in just by standing beside boiling water. They are readily absorbed by the body and pass through the placenta to the unborn baby. At critical stages in fetal development they can disrupt normal development and create a defect. The highest incidence of defects included brain and spinal cord defects, cleft palates and heart problems.

The other by-product of chlorine that is of concern is haloacetic acids which were not addressed in the Birmingham study.

The safest way to have a healthy baby is to drink water that is alkaline, has a high oxygen content, a high negative ion content and has a high antioxidant value. That can easily be attained by drinking antioxidant alkaline water. After all, our ancestors used to drink that kind of water all the time. They didn't have the high incidence of birth defects we have today. Now, our population is too dense to drink water out of the local stream, but scientists have created products you can research through Googling "Antioxidant Alkaline Water" that give you this type of healthy water consistently and it filters out all those harmful chemicals that can cause birth defects in your little bundle of joy.

Why take a chance on your health and the health of your unborn child by taking unnecessary risks. Find out how you can deliver a baby that will be developmentally ahead of other children and will have above average IQ. A calm, alert baby is the dream of every mom. You can have it all and your vibrant health, too.

Wow, You're Pregnant!

Wow, you're pregnant, the most beautiful time in a woman's life! Pregnant women are so beautiful. There is something about the hormonal changes of pregnancy that make a woman look gorgeous. Then reality hits and you're either laying in bed with the covers over your head or hanging over the toilet. What happened?

When you become pregnant, there are millions of cell divisions as your body helps that little bundle of joy develop. But, your body has to work hard, as does the growing fetus. All that work produces metabolic by-products that are acidic in nature. Your body is innately neutral, although each of your organ and parts of your body has a slightly different pH. That sudden onslaught of over-acidity is causing all kinds of unpleasant side effects for mom that can start in the first month. Baby isn't so comfortable either.

Studies in France have shown that 50 to 95 percent of women have some degree of nausea and vomiting sometime in their pregnancy. If the vomiting is extreme, women can become dehydrated. Dehydration can occur anyway because the baby's demand for water rises with every passing day. The French study also shows that nausea and vomiting can continue until the 14th to 16th week. The queasiness can continue for another month for up to 50 percent of those women.

Nausea and vomiting are huge motivators NOT to eat or drink. This can cause further dehydration and malnutrition in mom. Studies in Japan have shown that if a pregnant woman with those symptoms was to drink up to 16 ounces of antioxidant, alkaline water in little sips on arising, the symptoms will usually disappear. Then the woman can continue to drink antioxidant, alkaline water throughout her pregnancy to keep symptoms away. How does that work?

Remember your high school chemistry? Bases or alkaline substances neutralize acids. By drinking antioxidant, alkaline water you would be neutralizing that flood of acidic waste products that are produced by mom and the baby. You will notice a lot of conditions happen when you are pregnant that you may not have had when you were not -acid reflux, stomach aches, gas, constipation, swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, lower back pain, cramping, rapid weight gain, food cravings, binge eating, puffiness around the eyes and many other symptoms. Sometimes you may have had some of them before, but they are much worse now. They are all symptoms of an acidic body. We all have it. The body barely copes with it until we get to middle age when symptoms appear and start to hang around for longer and longer periods until they don't go away at all. By alkalizing the body, and providing lots of oxygen-rich alkaline water, full of negative ions, you are aiding your body to return to its neutral state. Within a few days you start to notice changes in how you feel and pretty soon, you feel on top of the world, sort of like when you were a teenager and you knew everything. It gets so good that you actually want to make antioxidant, alkaline water part of your lifestyle. So drink up and become that gorgeous preggie you were meant to be.

Do Not Waste Your Money On Electric Ionizers

For years a research and development team have studied electric ionizers that produce alkaline, ionized water. They've tested them and they have used them. The difficulty of the people we have talked to who desperately need a wide spectrum healing product like antioxidant alkaline water is that they are too expensive for the majority of people who have already spent a ton of money trying to get better.

Research has come up with a few very effective alternatives to the electric ionizer. One of the products that is available at the moment is called the Cerra Water Pitcher. There are others on the market, too. It is a remarkable product which filters and augments the water with essential minerals and antioxidant qualities.

Having Kids CAN Be A Picnic After All

It's so nice that you and your honey have decided to have your own sweet bundle of joy. Just like you get ready by quitting smoking, letting go of those weekend cocktails and smartening up your diet, you need to prepare your body in one other important way.

Once you understand how your body works, you can avoid a lot of the "side effects" of being pregnant and even avoid a lot of the fussy baby problems after delivery.

When you eat food, your body burns it as fuel in the cells which give off little puffs of metabolic exhaust. This metabolic exhaust is chemically acidic and the osmotic pumps in your cells and your lymph must have enough water available to push the acidic waste into your elimination system. At each meal, your pancreas secreted approximately two quarts of enzymatic juice that is essential to digest your food. Your blood and your brain also require lots of water. Your body is an expert recycler but you still lose water to breathing, urinating, perspiration and defecation. It needs to be replaced to the tune of half your body weight in ounces every day. Caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, colas and tea don't count as part of your fluid intake because they act as diuretics -- they make you urinate more so you actually lose water.

Fast forward to the time of conception and the next nine months, a period of supersonic growth in your baby and lots of changes in you. Now you are processing metabolic waste for two and your baby is demanding more and more fluid in the amniotic sac. There is much more waste to be eliminated so your body is working at peak efficiency. You would be wise to give your body all the tools it needs to be able to work at optimum levels including good healthy water.

As you sleep, your body is creating more acidic waste, your demand for water dehydrates you throughout the night and by morning you are nauseated, headachy and maybe even hanging over the toilet…all because your body is dehydrated and acidic. The baby pushes all its metabolic wastes into your blood stream and away from itself. Most medical professionals believe that pregnant women get dehydrated from the nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness. Scientific studies are showing that it is the other way around.

You body wants to be naturally neutral, somewhere in between acid and alkaline. In order to get rid of that rising mountain of acidic waste you would be wise to research antioxidant, alkaline water and alkaline foods you can use to reduce your symptoms. By doing so, you begin to neutralize your inner terrain. It's basic high school chemistry. Alkaline foods include those green leafy vegetables that your mother told you to eat when you were a kid. The darker green they are the more alkaline, they tend to be.

One of the best ways to get your vegetables and alkalize quickly is to juice vegetables with half an apple and drink it as soon as possible after you get up, along with a liter of healthy water. The best combination, I have found is to juice a cucumber with one large carrot or two medium ones, two large handfuls of spinach, a handful of parsley, half a beet and half an apple. If you are adventurous you can add two large kale leaves. Some experts suggest you can drink 3 quarts of freshly made vegetable juice a day. You will feel great and you will get a good load of enzymes to boot.

One of the things that is usually joked about when a woman is pregnant, is the cravings that she gets at the oddest times. By following an alkaline lifestyle, most or all of those cravings disappear. You won't be hunting for that jar of dill pickles or rocky road ice cream.

When I was pregnant a few years back, I was told not to eat anything strong tasting until I stopped breast feeding because it would transfer to the baby and the baby wouldn't like it. Recent research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia shows that babies accept and like flavors that they become familiar with while in the womb and while breastfeeding.

"Flavors from the mother's diet are transmitted through amniotic fluid and mother's milk," saidJulie Mennella, a researcher at the Monell center. "A baby learns to like a food's taste when the mother eats that food on a regular basis."

"Babies are born with a dislike for bitter tastes,"said Menella. "If mothers want their babies to learn to like to eat vegetables, especially green vegetables, they need to provide them withopportunities to taste these foods."

What better way to introduce them while the baby is still in the womb. You get to reap the benefits of alkalizing while you introduce your baby to healthy eating right out of the gate.

Another way to alkalize successfully and efficiently is to drink antioxidant, alkaline water. It is loaded with active oxygen and extra hydrogen and it acts like an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals constantly. It is broken into small cluster sized molecules so your body instantly absorbs it, especially after a long night of toxic build-up.

Recent studies show that by using the antioxidant, alkaline water, you literally reduce your risk significantly of experiencing pre-eclampsia (the new terminology for toxemia) during pregnancy. You get less water retention in your hands and feet. Your blood pressure stays within normal ranges and you don't lose protein in your urine. Most pregnant women drinking antioxidant, alkaline water as part of their lifestyle, experience the dream pregnancy where they are relatively comfortable and they just glow. Add a healthy alkaline diet and life just doesn't get any better.

Your alkaline water and food intake can affect the baby profoundly. Not only is the baby gaining an appetite for healthy foods, the baby's immune system is much stronger and the baby is more robust. These babies tend to be less fussy and more serene. They have less sensitivities and are more alert, intelligent and advanced for their age. Some reports tell of babies of a few days old, having greater motor control and strength, even lifting their heads while laying on their stomachs. These babies don't cry a lot.

If you eat lots of vegetables your baby will get the taste of those vegetables through your milk and when they start solid food, they will be more receptive to green beans, peas and spinach. Unlike "normal" babies, who push those foods out of their mouths, your baby will love it and want more.

So, if you would like a serene baby, who is robust, healthy, more intelligent and advanced, in addition to a pregnancy that you just sail through, try drinking antioxidant, alkaline water and eat your vegetables.


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