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Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Updated on December 29, 2014

What Causes Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

The biggest part of your brain and psyche belongs to your wild side (anti-conscience).

The huge primitive content you have inherited constantly tries to destroy your human conscience in order to live free of the control of our human sensibility and sensitivity. This wild content is absurd.

By understanding the wise messages of the unconscious mind in your dreams, you will be able to eliminate the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience and stop living in constant anxiety. You will find peace and happiness by transforming your personality.

You will also see many changes happening in your daily life, which will give you more courage, and open a new horizon before your eyes.

While normal fear is your defense against danger, anxiety is the fear that something bad might happen; it is not the fear of something really dangerous. Therefore, anxiety is the fear of the future, fear of the conditions of life, unexpected problems; in other words, the fear provoked by the suppositions and assumptions imposed by the anti-conscience. This exaggerated fear causes panic attacks.

You must follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams. You have to stop repeating the mistakes that allow your absurd anti-conscience to invade your conscience with its absurd thoughts. These thoughts paralyze your psychological system.

The unconscious mind helps you stop making mistakes. When you learn how to do only what is positive for you, your anti-conscience cannot cause anxiety or panic attacks because it cannot invade your conscience.

How to Recognize Your Biggest Stressors

Ways to Prevent Future Anxiety

There are not many ways to prevent future anxiety. You can prevent it only if you'll pass through psychotherapy, or if you'll pass through a spiritual transformation. This happens because your anxiety is not generated by external factors. It begins inside you.

You should not believe that simple solutions can help you, but treat your anxiety with the seriousness you treat a disease. Otherwise, you'll have panic attacks.

Your biggest stressors are provoked by the anti-conscience, which is the wild side of your conscience. In order to stop suffering from anxiety you have to eliminate the influence of the anti-conscience into your human conscience. Your human conscience is concentrated in a tiny part of your brain that possesses human characteristics.

You'll recognize in your behavior the stressors generated by your anti-conscience once you learn the dream language. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a wise, superior human conscience that doesn't belong to your mind. It has a mysterious origin that proves God's existence. The unconscious wisdom will help you overcome the feelings provoked by the anti-conscience.

Since you are so anxious, you probably have no time for studies. You can submit your dreams for a professional dream translation before studying the dream language.

I will personally guide you and help you stop suffering from anxiety thanks to the unconscious guidance.

Later, you'll study dream interpretation according to the scientific method and have this knowledge helping you for the rest of your life.

Your biggest stressors are things that irritate you, everything that you cannot bear, and all your fears. The anti-conscience can read your mind and understand your weaknesses.

Since it is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience, it stresses you out by provoking you to becoming easily irritated. It makes you feel weak and unable to face any problem. It then generates a thousand fears, eliminating your capacity to react.

The anti-conscience makes you feel that 'this is the end of the world' whenever you have to solve unexpected problems. You feel that your life depends on numerous factors that you cannot control. Thus, you want to explode like a bomb.

Fortunately, you have the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your own dreams whenever you sleep. Dream therapy is a miraculous solution that will show you how to find peace and wisdom.

You'll stop being dominated by the absurd animal nature that generates your anxiety, and finally evolve.


How to Deal With Anxiety

Whenever you perceive that you are too anxious about something or in general, dominated by anxiety, you have to tell yourself that this is not the end of the world.

No matter what may happen, you will survive and be able to successfully solve all problems.

Think that you have many possibilities to attain your goals and everything will be fine, even if you feel that nothing could be the way you desire because the conditions of the objective reality are all against you.

There are many ways

to solve a problem.

If you are waiting for something important, or expecting a certain answer from someone, of course you are very anxious and you cannot relax until you learn what will happen...

This is when you need the possibility of predicting the future, and understand what the development of reality will be.

You can easily learn how to interpret the meaning of your dreams and finally understand the dream warnings and previsions you see everyday. The images you see when you sleep are not disorganized and absurd, but they are giving you many lessons.

When you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams, the strange dream scenes become organized and the messages of the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams become clear.

Even without sleeping and dreaming you can have information about the future by observing various signs of your daily reality, which can be interpreted like dreams, and have exactly the same real value.

Relax! You won't be alone anymore once you discover the wise genius that sends you precious dream messages everyday.

Think that you are too ignorant and that this world is vast, the truth is huge, the possibilities you have in life have no end, and you have no reason to despair.

You will become much more intelligent after learning everything that the unconscious mind will teach you in your dreams, and this way you won't feel totally lost each time you have to face difficult situations in life or solve difficult problems.


How to Overcome Panic Attacks

Self Control

Panic is a sensation of total despair and weakness that provokes several alterations in your body. It is a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior.

Your violent anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy the human side of our conscience through craziness because it is absurd and cruel.

It is a wild animal, which has no sensitivity.

Therefore the anti-conscience constantly tries to frighten the human side of your conscience in order to dominate it. You make many mistakes by misinterpreting many points of the objective reality under its influence. Your mistakes or misconceptions generate despair and fear, and you are dominated by panic.

Suddenly, you start sweating, feeling dizzy and losing the floor under your feet. This weakness increases your initial fear. You feel so hopeless that you believe you are in a situation that has no salvation. This feeling is the result of the invasion of the anti-conscience into the human side of your conscience.

In order to completely eliminate panic attacks you must write down your dreams and translate their hidden messages according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is wise and saintly.

The unconscious wisdom protects the human side of your conscience from the craziness that your wild side imposes on you.

You stop following the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience and you develop your conscience.

This means that you become more intelligent and sensitive.

* Free eBooks


Eliminating Panic Attacks Forever

Building Self-Confidence

When you suffer from a panic attack this means that your body is reacting against a terrible feeling. You cannot simply get rid of this organic reaction without solving your problems.

This organic reaction is a protection. You are doing what provokes your anxiety. Or, you are interpreting the meaning of life and human behavior based on false impressions. You must correct your behavior and you must stop following absurd ideas.

By taking medicine in order to stop having panic attacks you are completely destroying your immune system.

It is the same as if you would try to stop feeling pain after being harmed without curing your wound.

The pain protects your body.

The same way, the panic attack is an unpleasant alarm that protects you from ignoring what is going wrong in your behavior or in your life.

It protects your mental health for letting you know that your ideas and your behavior are absurd. You need psychotherapy.

Whenever you have panic attacks, you are dominated by your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is the wild side of your conscience that didn't evolve like your human side. Thus, the panic attack shows you that you cannot continue being controlled by your anti-conscience. This attack protects you from your insistence on thinking and acting in a way that is harmful to your personality and life.

The feeling of total despair that characterizes the panic attack is caused by the interference of the absurd content you have inherited into the biggest part of your brain. You have to eliminate the influence of the anti-conscience into your conscience in order to stop having panic attacks.

Dream therapy is a safe and miraculous solution for you. While you live in an absurd world where psychiatrists try to cure mental illnesses without knowing how the human brain really works, the unconscious mind is a perfect doctor who has a divine origin and knows everything.

The saintly unconscious mind will help you find peace and sound mental health that last for life. Ignorant human beings give you more problems, instead of helping you get rid of the horrible panic attacks.

You live in a world ruled by violence and terror, where many hypocrites try to hide this bitter truth. This is a totally absurd world governed by money and greed. Everyone on Earth suffers from a certain mental illness, even if it is not diagnosed or recognized by our superficial society. Unfortunately, you cannot trust the medicine of our historical time.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a psychotherapist, analyzing your entire life. Its psychotherapy works like spiritual purification and mind development. You acquire total consciousness; becoming more sensitive. This means that you use all your hidden capacities; therefore, becoming always more intelligent.

When you follow dream therapy you not only get rid of panic attacks and anxiety forever, you become self-confident and wise. You build a fascinating and unique personality.

Therefore, start paying attention to the generous unconscious psychotherapy in your own dreams. Write down your dreams everyday, and follow my lessons.

If you don't want to wait that long, send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation.

I will help you really solve your problems with this knowledge.

We will exchange many email messages after my translations, and I will give you clear guidance.

I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, neurosis, and other mental illnesses by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy - Finding a Dream Translator.

Panic Attack
Panic Attack

How to Prevent or Cure a Mental (or Nervous) Breakdown

A nervous breakdown is caused by the pressure of the anti-conscience of an individual into his human conscience. The anti-conscience causes anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, paranoia, and numerous abnormalities to the individual, who loses a big portion of his conscience. This pressure can be combated through dream therapy.

You can also prevent having a nervous breakdown and feel that you cannot think anymore, you cannot trust your own judgment, and you don’t know how to deal with the outside world before being in such situation. If you are always stressed, anxious, afraid, and depressed you must urgently follow a psychological treatment. I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy. After my initial help you will overcome your problems. Then, you will learn the dream language and keep translating the meaning of your dreams yourself.

You will verify that you should never take medications to eliminate panic attacks and all the unbearable symptoms caused by mental disorders. You must follow dream therapy and understand what is causing these abnormalities so that you may definitively stop having panic attacks and other unbearable symptoms.

It is a big mistake to stop having panic attacks with medication. If you won’t solve the problems that are causing panic attacks you will someday have a nervous breakdown and be unable to function normally for a long period of time. You may need one year to recuperate your conscience again after having a mental breakdown.

Medications don’t work when you come to the point of having a nervous breakdown. They help you forget your pain only in the beginning, when you start having panic attacks.

This is why you must take dream therapy very seriously and eliminate all psychological problems and unbearable symptoms that are torturing your mind before having a nervous breakdown.

Why You Forget Your Dreams

You usually forget the dreams you see when you sleep because you don't give them any importance, you think about the things you have to do during the day as soon as you wake up, or you don't want to see the truth that your dreams are showing you.

Many people deny paying attention to their dreams because they are not pleasant at all, and they are afraid of their meaning.

Other people despise their dreams so much that they don't remember their dreams because they consider them totally useless.

Most people cannot remember their dreams because when they wake up they are so busy thinking about what they have to do and the problems they have to solve, that they don't give any chance to their conscious memory to memorize any dream image .

The function of the dream images and scenes is to protect your human conscience from the invasion and domination of the wild side of your conscience, which is primitive, violent, immoral and cruel.

It must not understand the guidance of the unconscious mind to your human conscience in your dreams before your conscience does.

This is why you have to learn the dream language in order to decipher the dream symbolism.

The huge part of your brain that didn't evolve like the tiny portion of it that passed through a process of consciousness is still alive inside you, and keeps trying to control your behavior.

Most of your dreams are unpleasant and sad because the wise unconscious mind that produces them is trying to make you pay attention to all the dangers that are threatening your mental health. If you are afraid of your dreams, this means that you are in danger and you need protection. Your dreams reflect your interior and exterior reality. If they are bad this means that the unconscious mind is trying to show you the truth you deny seeing.

You could be insisting on having a wrong relationship, you could be too selfish and have unfair plans in your mind, or you could be a victim of other people's selfishness, and this is why the unconscious mind is trying to open your eyes, and show you what you are not paying attention to.

The dream images transport you to places and situations that could be part of your future, exactly in order to help you correct your mistakes, or protect yourself from other people's traps, before it is too late.

Your dreams are not pleasant in the beginning of your occupation with their meaning because the unconscious mind is showing you how much damage your primitive conscience is doing to your human conscience. It shows you also how much damage other people are doing to your life. This way, you'll be able to defend yourself, and always control your own behavior, instead of being dominated by your wild side without understanding it. You'll also escape from suffering as a victim of other people's cruelty.

You'll remember all your dreams as soon as you give them the proper importance, considering their messages a real salvation for you. They do have a meaning, which you'll be able to verify by yourself once you learn at least a little bit of the dream language. The more you learn, the more impressed you'll be with their wisdom, and the more intelligent you'll become.

Tell yourself that you'll remember your dreams when you sleep, and as soon as you wake up, try to remember them without thinking about anything else. First of all, fix them in your conscious memory!

If you have enough time, write them down as soon as you wake up, because when your dreams are still fresh you are able to remember many details, which you usually forget during the day.

However, if you cannot write them down as soon as you wake up, keep them in your memory and write them down when you have the chance, even if you forget many details, because everything that you can remember is important. All dream messages enlighten you, showing you various aspects of reality that you didn't examine or that you didn't know.

Dream analysis according to the scientific method, which accurately deciphers the hidden meaning of the dream symbols, works like psychotherapy.

As you translate the meaning of the unconscious messages, you learn why you behave the way you do, and how you can evolve and transform your personality, attaining perfection.

By following the unconscious guidance, you'll eliminate the anti-conscience. You'll transform it into a positive part of your human side, which will help you become more intelligent, and keep your mental health forever.

You'll also be protected from other people's bad intentions before they have the chance to mislead you, always knowing what is good or bad for you, and how you should behave in each situation.

Christina Sponias


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How to Keep a Dream Journal

Before sleeping think about dreaming, and tell yourself that you have to remember your dreams because they are very important, trying to fix them in your conscious memory as soon as you wake up, without thinking about anything else.

You can keep your dreams in a file on your computer, which will help you be more organized, especially if you have a laptop that you can easily use at any time, but I advise you to first of all write down your dreams in a notebook that you keep near your bed, without depending on your computer.

Make notes by abbreviating all words, so that you can write quickly, before forgetting the details of your dreams. The details escape from your memory as time passes, and this is why it is important to quickly fix them in your memory when you wake up, and write them down the soonest possible.

If you cannot care about your dreams when you wake up because you usually are already too late, and you have to run to go to work or to another obligation, I advise you try going to sleep earlier, so that you may have enough time to see many dreams, and so that you may have a clear mind when you wake up, which will help you remember your dreams very well.

It would be better if you go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier too, so that you may have a few minutes at your disposal to care about your dreams.

But if you really don't have any chance to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, don't worry, because the unconscious mind is very generous, and sends you the same messages in many dreams, showing you different aspects of the same reality in each dream.

Write down whatever you remember of your dreams, and you'll see that only by writing down a few details, you'll remember more easily your next dreams, besides being able to more easily understand their meaning. Writing down your dreams is very helpful for your memory, and for your capacity to decipher their symbolic meaning.

Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method, which accurately translates for you the meaning that the unconscious mind is giving to the dream messages, you'll pass through free and safe psychotherapy.

By following the wise guidance of the unconscious mind that keeps trying to save your mental health and teaches you how you can develop your intelligence, you'll use all your capacities.

You'll become familiar with the dream language as you keep your dream journal, learning how to exchange the dream images and scenes with words. You'll soon be able to immediately understand the meaning of all your dreams after seeing them.

Read all the dreams you wrote down with time, because their general meaning will show you how your future will be, and give you a general image of the meaning of your life. Your dream collection will give you a huge vision of the importance of the meaning of all your dreams together, since they are like chapters of a novel, or pieces of a puzzle.

Each dream gives you a new lesson, more information, new warnings, and so on.

At a certain point, you'll see all the dreams you have kept in your dream journal and you'll finally understand why many things had to happen to you, why you should behave in one way or another on many occasions, and many things more, because you'll understand that your life follows a program of development, depending on the characteristics of your personality.

You'll understand why the unconscious mind showed you that you had to do one thing or another, after verifying what will happen in the future. The unconscious lessons are better understood with time.

When you have a warning about something you may not be able to evaluate the unconscious wisdom because you ignore many things that you will learn only later. Only after seeing the development of reality and verifying that you did what was better for you, will you understand from which troubles the unconscious guidance has saved you.

This is why you have to study your dream collection. The various chapters of the novel of your life reflected in your dreams will give you the final message of the entire story; you'll see the design formed by the puzzle, with all pieces together, and understand why you had to follow this path. Then, another story will begin, and you'll make many new discoveries, always attaining higher levels of knowledge.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).


Eliminating Anxiety and Panic Attacks Forever

The meaning of dreams will open a new horizon for you because God is the dream producer. If you are an atheist, you will have the chance to verify God’s existence into practice, and stat believing in His existence without a doubt. When you learn the dream logic and the meaning of the most important dream symbols you are able to understand God’s words in dreams.

This means that your dreams have another dimension. Your dreams help you have a direct communication with God. This is a special alternative you have never supposed you could have. You will verify that God is alive and He answers your questions in dreams.

You are very lucky because I completed Carl Jung’s research, clarifying all aspects for you, and simplifying his complicated method of dream interpretation. Now you have a global vision of the truth. You know that God is not a myth, and that Satan lives into your absurd and evil anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. Therefore, you know the relationship existent between science and religion.

All religions were created by the same God to teach us the importance of goodness. All dreams have the intention to save our human conscience from the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience. These absurd thoughts are camouflaged as if they were smart ideas while they will lead us to craziness and despair.

Your anti-conscience’s intention is to destroy our human conscience with the deceptions and frustrations you will have. However, it pretends to be yourself and act on your behalf. It pretends to desire happiness, while its intention is to destroy your human conscience and your capacity to think logically. When you follow our anti-conscience’s thoughts you become more insensitive and cold. This is why you end up on terror.

You, the human being existent into your human conscience must face the attacks of your satanic anti-conscience and the impositions of the hypocritical world.

At the same time, you have to face God's criticism in your dreams. You have to become a better person.

God and Satan are fighting for your attention. Your conscience is a battlefield.

When you verify how many mistakes you were making in life without understanding what you were doing, you perceive that the dream messages help you become more intelligent. God must show you all your mistakes so that you may stop doing what is negative for you. This is an urgent necessity.

God works like a doctor because you need help in order to fight your wild and evil nature. You cannot perceive the influence of your anti-conscience in your brain and in your life, while it keeps causing damages. All your negative reactions come from your anti-conscience.

You are not really responsible for being cruel when you are controlled by your anti-conscience. It influences your personality so negatively that you tend to be violent and unfair. It makes you concentrate your attention on insignificant matters, and it sends you many ridiculous thoughts that have a vulgar and rude reasoning.

If you want to be a really calm and balanced human being you need psychotherapy, even if you believe that you are a reasonable person.

If you always are anxious and you suffer from panic attacks this means that your anti-conscience is controlling your conscience. You are making serious mistakes, and you are insisting on these mistakes.

You are trying to do something absurd, without paying attention to your objective reality as it is.

Panic attacks are alarms. You have to stop insisting on your mistakes and correct your behavior. You have to stop accepting difficult situations that are ruining your psyche.

You need psychotherapy, so that you may understand what is going wrong with you. You have to urgently stop making costly mistakes.

If you will try to get rid of the panic attacks with medication, you will not cure your wound. You will cause even more problems to your psychological system.

Without psychotherapy, you will never understand the real reasons why you are having panic attacks and what you have to do in order to stop suffering. The divine unconscious mind sends you numerous dreams with explanations and lessons. You should be prudent and follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams, so that you may find peace and happiness in life.

You have to smarten up and stop believing in the lies of the hypocritical world. The atheistic and materialistic modern civilization is absurd and cruel. You have to learn how to live your life without being always afraid and in a hurry, and without facing the unbearable symptoms generated by your anti-conscience, like panic attacks.

Your anti-conscience must be eliminated through consciousness, so that your worst enemy may definitively stop torturing your psyche. Your anti-conscience thinks like a prehistoric man. It didn't evolve with time, but it pretends to be smart. It invades your human conscience, sending you numerous absurd thoughts and feelings. It tries to destroy your conscience, while it pretends to be yourself and care about your satisfaction.

When the anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of your conscience it is able to start causing the unbearable symptoms of craziness, which begin with panic attacks, and continue with blackouts and hallucinations.

You must eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience before it will manage to completely destroy your human conscience. I simplified and clarified the complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung by curing many people from severe and simple mental illnesses through dream therapy during two decades.

You can simply learn my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words, and find God, who works like a private psychotherapist.

The divine unconscious mind is God’s mind. This is an important scientific and religious truth. You should pay attention to the new dimension you are finding in your own dreams.

God sends you precious messages in dreams because you need help. You must follow the divine guidance with seriousness and gratitude before your anti-conscience will become more powerful. Your anti-conscience has satanic characteristics. You must be afraid of your evil self.

You should be a good student and patient. If you will cooperate with the unconscious mind you will eliminate the panic attacks in four months. Dream therapy is a safe and effective treatment because it is based on wisdom. I'm merely a dream translator and a doctor helper. The real doctor is God, the dream producer.

Christina Sponias


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