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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Updated on June 3, 2014

Anxiety No More

Anxiety Remedies

Anxiety and Panic Anxiety can be a horrible experience. Believe me, I know the feeling. I've experienced such things as panic attacks and social anxiety; and as a result, I've felt the lows of depression. It's a seemingly continuous cycle that never ends and it sucks!

So, how do you treat anxiety and stress? Well, it's difficult to pinpoint one specific remedy for anxiety, but with a little courage and a good strategy, you can learn to overcome your fears. Let's get started.

First off, if your anxiety is so overwhelming that it's preventing you from living your life, then you need to change your lifestyle. If this is the case, there are three main aspects of your life that you will need to examine and then make the necessary adjustments. They are as follows: your physical activity, your diet, and how you sleep.

Exercise to Relieve Anxiety

It's always important to exercise; however, if you are an anxious person then exercise is essential. Exercising does many things. It drives out toxins created by anxiety, it changes your overall mindset, and it just makes you feel better.

If you currently exercise, then you already know the positive effects it can have on your mind and body. For everyone else, you need to start exercising right away, so that you can get yourself into a routine. At first, do what is comfortable (to prevent injury) but always try to maximize your effort so that you get a complete workout. The first month and half should be all about creating a routine and strengthening your muscles for endurance and dexterity. Make sure to get a little bit of cardio so that you can literally sweat out the toxins created by fear and anxiety. You can also perform various weight resistance exercises such as weight lifting or using resistance bands. The biggest thing to remember is to set the bar higher and higher so that you can maximize your efforts.

Trust me, if you develop a routine, your anxiety will decrease and you'll also look better in the process! It may not be a dramatic change, but you'll start to feel more comfortable about yourself and you'll actually start to think differently. For me, exercise became a release and I found that I could work out some of my problems during my workout rountine. So, what are you waiting for? Go!

Diet to Help Anxiety Relief

Another important aspect that you need to consider to treat anxiety is watching what you eat. Again, dieting is important for your health regardless if you have anxiety disorder or not, but if you are suffering from anxiety certain foods can either trigger your anxieties or help you feel better.

All right, so where do you start? You need to eat a well-balanced diet. Of course, that's what every expert says. What does a well-balanced diet entail? For starters, stop going out to eat and shop at a grocery store. When you got out, chances are you don't know exactly what's in the food and you're probably eating greasy foods with high sats and high fats, which are all terrible for anxiety. When shopping in a grocery store, shop in the perimeter and try to avoid the interior isles. The products sold in the interior part of the store usually contain a crap load of preservatives that work against your anxiety.

When shopping in the perimeter, go for produce such as fruits and vegetables, get other healthy foods like fish, natural nuts, and even eggs, and you limit your dairy intake. Also, as a reminder, you should take a look at the ingredients on each item and remember that the fewer ingredients contained in the product, the better.

Things to avoid to be Anxiety Free:

There's always the big three: Tobacco Alcohol Caffeine

Drugs (no meth, okay?)

Really Spicy Foods


Greasy Foods


Salty Foods

Other Foods to Help Alleviate Anxiety:

Lots of water



Dark Chocolate (Sorry, not the really good milk chocolate stuff)

Whole Grains (pasta, wheat bread, oatmeal, oats)

Maca Root (although I've never tried it)

It sounds like a boring diet, huh? Well, don't go cold turkey or you'll just revert back to your cheesy pizza choppin', chocolate ice cream eatin', cocaine snortin', rum and coke drinkin' ways. Also, there are several ways to enhance your eating experience, but you'll have to be creative.

Sleep to Help Anxiety

The last aspect of your life that you need to look at when dealing with anxiety is how you sleep. Honestly, sleep might be the most important aspect because the amount of rest you have directly affects your mood and energy. Sleeping also helps your mind organize your thoughts so that you can reboot and feel refreshed for the next day. In other words, you need sleep.

You need to sleep anywhere from 7-8 hours at a time, and it must be uninterrupted. Sometimes with work schedules, family life, and dealing with things such as (I don't know) anxiety, it can be difficult to get the necessary sleep you need. But you must get that sleep in, or you'll won't be able to maximize your anti-anxiety efforts.

If you have problems sleeping, there are a couple of home redemies that you can do. Of course, I'm not a doctor and if you really do have problems falling asleep, you need to contact your doctor.

Okay, here are three things that may help you go to sleep. First, you may want to try drinking warm milk. It's definitely an old school way of thinking, but warm milk does help you relax. You can also try listening to music or putting on rhythmic sounds such as a fan oscillating, nature sounds, and so forth. If sounds and warm milk don't work, there's one last thing that you can try. What I'm about to suggest might sound a little gross and inappropriate but it does do the trick. You can relax yourself through orgasm. I'm not going to get into the science of it, but orgasms release hormones that help you feel better and relax. It's as if all your stress and anxieties go away. It's just a thought!

Anxiety Help

In this article, I covered 3 main aspects about your life that you need to analyze and change in order to help alleviate your anxiety. These changes won't happen over night and they won't cure your anxiety. They are anxiety remedies to help you cope while you are going through anxiety treatment. In order to effectively treat your anxiety you will have to see a psychologist so that you can comfort your fears and find out what is bothering you. Everybody is different. So, stay the course and hopefully these anxiety remedies will help you out!

If you have any other anxiety tips that you want to contribute to the conversation, feel free to comment below!

Anxiety Tips

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