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Appropriate Shoes for the Different Foot Conditions

Updated on November 21, 2012
Bespoke Shoes can help to alleviate foot pain.
Bespoke Shoes can help to alleviate foot pain. | Source

If you're experiencing foot pain, it's certainly going to affect your performance and the way you do things. It can be extremely painful and uncomfortable and lower our quality of life.

Luckily, most foot conditions can be corrected or treated by wearing the appropriate footwear that can give relief to the foot's throbbing pain.

To best deal with any foot pain, it is wise to have a better understanding of different foot conditions. This way, the appropriate footwear that can alleviate the pain can be worn.

A diagram showing various Foot Conditions.
A diagram showing various Foot Conditions. | Source

Different Foot Conditions, Causes, and Remedies

Achilles Tendonitis
Achilles tendonitis is a condition where there is an inflammation of the achilles tendon and degeneration of the said tendon. The achilles tendon is located at the back of the leg. It is a large tendon that is inserted into the heel. The pain caused by this condition can be gradual without causing trauma. It can be a pain with a burning sensation, shooting pain, or pain that is piercing in nature. It must be treated immediately because it can make the tendon weak and ruptured. Runners usually encounter this condition due to high level of activities performed. There are also cases wherein prolonged standing can cause the condition.

Over-pronation is the most common cause of achilles tendonitis. Over-pronation happen when the arch gives in which adds stress on the tendon. Other factors may include improper shoes worn, direct injury to the tendon, inadequate stretching prior to any athletic activities, and deformity of the heel bone.

Athletes must incorporate proper warm-up prior to any activities. Achilles tendonitis sufferers are advised to use heel cup, heel cradle, or an orthotic device. A well cushioned shoe can help a lot to ease the pain of achilles tendonitis.

Athlete's Foot
Athlete's foot is a fungal infection. It causes skin flaking, redness, dryness of skin, and itchiness with pain. It usually occurs on the soles and sides of feet, and between toes. During the acute stage, the foot with such condition develops blisters that can be so itchy.

Athlete's foot is caused by the presence of fungi on the feet. The fungal spores that can be contracted in showers, dressing rooms, or other damp places that are warm (where fungi can thrive) can enter sores or fissures. Once the fungi enter, they remain and spread unless the feet are washed and dried thoroughly.

Washing the feet thoroughly with soap and water can help a lot together with complete drying of feet. There are also ointment that must be applied to treat the condition properly. Wearing airy shoes and socks can help keep feet dry and eventually free from infection.

Calluses are hardened skin normally found on the heel, center of the foot, and/or the big toe. A particular type of callus, called Intractable Plantar Keratosis, can be so painful.

Calluses are caused by dead skin cells accumulation that hardened. They develop because of too much pressure on a specific location on the foot where calluses formed.

Some people treat their calluses by trimming or cutting them which is not the proper way of treating the condition. To relieve the pressure, weight must be distributed equally with the help of orthotics. Shoes that are wide, well fit, and deep with insoles that are cushioned can help a lot in relieving the problem together with the recommended orthotics.

A bunion is a very visible bump in the big toe joint. The bump is actually a protruding bone heading towards the inside of the foot. If the movement goes on, overlapping of toes might happen. There is also Tailor's bunion or bunionette with similar manifestation, but the toe involve is the small one. There is swelling, inflammation, and soreness when one has a bunion.

Bunions are common among women. The deformity may be caused by arthritis, or improper fitting of footwear. Women tend to wear dress shoes that are too small for their feet just to look great with the dress. As they squeeze their feet inside the narrow shoes, the bone on the side of the foot begins to protrude that gives birth to bunion.

During early stages of bunions, soaking the problem feet in warm water is good in giving immediate relief. Wearing proper fitting shoes, rather than wearing tight shoes is the best way to lessen the pain brought by bunions. Shoes with rocker soles are great in unloading the pressure in the area with bunion. Orthotics can also be recommended to provide support, comfort, and protection for someone with bunions.

Hammer Toes
A hammer toe is one of the foot conditions wherein the tightened ligaments and tendons cause the joints of a toe to curl. The only toe that will not be affected is the big toe. Movement can be very limited, and the pain can be too much.

Hammer toes happen due to muscle imbalance that can make ligaments and tendons become tight in a very unnatural way. The result is that the joint tend to curl down. Arthritis can also cause hammer toes.

Choosing a pair of shoes to wear can help a lot in alleviating the pain brought by hammer toes. If you have hammer toes, choose a shoe with high and wide toe area that can easily fit in the foot with a hammer toe. The high and broad toe area in the shoe can provide for the needed room of a hammer toe.

Shoes that Help

These foot problems can somehow be remedied by wearing the right kind of shoes. The doctor can make the recommendations if there are orthotics that will be used in the kind of shoes that you will have.

There are bespoke shoes for men and women that are wide fitting, gel and orthotic insoles, bespoke insoles, orthopaedic shoes, and custom-made shoes that can alleviate the pain brought about by the different foot conditions.

Do not let the throbbing pain in your feet stop you. It is best to consult the doctor and prevent things from escalating to something else. Wearing the proper shoes can really help a lot and there are shoe shops that know what you really want without sacrificing style in footwear fashion.

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