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Apricot Seeds: The Cure for Cancer

Updated on March 13, 2014

Apricot Seeds: The Cure for Cancer

Painful chemotherapy, as part of their treatment for cancer, is the price that many cancer sufferers have to pay. However, more people die during this process then are saved. The traditional, standard way of treating people with cancer has failed, dismally. Yes, there have been some successes, but they have been around the 3% mark.

In the meantime, the cancer research companies continue to ask people for money in their search for a cure, knowing full well that a cure has already been found. The following article explains how apricot seeds attack all unhealthy cells - including cancer cells - within the body.

The article will also explain how there has been a huge cover-up, in reference to the news about apricot seeds. And how the pharmaceutical and medical professions have collaborated with each other in suppressing this news from the general public in their greed for profits.

Apricot Seeds

The Cure for Cancer

For years people who have been diagnosed with cancer have had to go through painful chemotherapy as part of their treatment. Often, chemotherapy caused more deaths than it saved, as cancer sufferers went through agonizing pain, plus losing all of their body hair in the process.

In the meantime, pharmaceutical companies - as well as the medical profession - were sitting on information that would be explosive, if the news became public knowledge. That cancer can be beaten by chewing slowly on apricot seeds. Of course, they could not allow this news to become public knowledge, why? The words here are 'greed' and 'profits'.

The cancer industry brings in over 200 billion dollars every year. There are those within this industry who would not be best pleased if the news became public knowledge about apricot seeds. Why? Because they would then face losing their jobs through the loss of a major income source. If people began consuming apricot seeds - thus curing themselves - than that lucrative income would dry up overnight.

In the past and in the present, people have been imprisoned for trying to do the right thing in informing the wider public about apricot seeds and their healing powers - in reference to cancer. If the profits of a 200 billion dollar industry dried up, then there would be a lot of people who would become unemployed instantly. Obviously, the information about apricot seeds has been suppressed for far too long. And the reason why has been explained - 'profits' and 'greed'.

So, what is the secret within the seeds? How do they attack cancer cells in such a way [while leaving good cells unharmed] that the cancer vanishes overtime? The secret is in a compound named, B17 or laetrile. In 1952, Dr Ernst Krebb Jnr had come to a decision. He had decided that the cause for the metabolic reaction to poor food intake, was cancer. This, coupled with a single missing nutrient that was absent from many of our diets, held the answer to defeating cancer.

His subsequent research into poor diets led to him discovering a compound - amagdylin, which can be found in over 1200 species of edible plants. Amagdylin can be found in all edible plants, as it occurs naturally.

This compound, however, has its highest concentration within apricot seed kernels. By extracting amagdylin from the kernels, and putting it into a concentrated form after purifying it, laetrile is then created.

Amagdylin is called B17 because it looked exactly like the B complex structures. of all nitriolosides - which amagdylin is. Dr Krebb continued to do tests and, at one point, he injected himself with laetrile. This was to make absolutely sure that there would be no side effects - which could have been toxic. The tests within the lab continued on both animals and culture experiments. This was obviously, to make sure that laetrile would have the desired effect in the treatment of cancer.

The percentage threshold of any tests done within laboratories, when testing for potential cures, using drugs, is 50 - which is the percentage number. So anything with an LD50 [LD, Lethal Dose] or lower, is passed by the FDA.

Of course what one has to understand here is that laetrile is not a drug. It comes, directly from the substance of food, so it is impossible to patent it. With laetrile occurring naturally, as a healing substance, the pharmaceutical companies cannot profit from it.

There are four substances that are found within amagdylin. They are glucose - of which there are two - benzaldhide and the last one, cyanide. Obviously, if both benzaldhide and cyanide are released in their pure form - molecules - they would be lethal. However, because cyanide is found in many food forms, and is within other molecules, it is perfectly safe.

Normal cells contain an enzyme that will capture any cyanide molecules. They do this by rendering them helpless by combining the molecules with sulphur. Any cyanide that is captured are converted to a cyanate. If one knows their science, then they would know that cyanate is a neutral substance.

The enzyme within a normal cell is called rhodanese. This enzyme acts to catalyze the cyanide reaction by binding it to sulphur. This is then harmless within the body and passes through the normal process of urine with no effects at all. Cancer cells all contain an enzyme called beta-glucosidase.

This is an enzyme that is not found at all within normal healthy cells. Beta-glucosidase is known as the 'key', that unlocks the enzyme within amagdylin. As described earlier, this releases both the benzaldhide and the cyanide, thus causing a very toxic synergy by acting together, rather than separately.

Of course, the result is that the cancer cells self-destruct and the amagdylin - combined with protective enzymes within healthy cells, and unlocking enzymes within cancer cells without harming healthy cells - plays their part.

However, for those people who have had chemotherapy cancer surgery radiation, no more than 3% survive. The cancer cells tend to return to other parts of the body, this is because chemotherapy treatment so weakens the patient, their health is greatly reduced.

One has to look at it like this, that at least, 85% of people who have had cancer, and who have consumed B17 have been cured. This is because they did not adhere to the 'standard' treatment that many have, that of chemotherapy, cancer surgery, and basically the poisoning of the body.

From 1920 onwards there has been a worldwide medical suppression of the news about apricot seeds. People who spoke out have been driven out of their homes, imprisoned and even murdered. It is interesting to note that laetrile - or, as it is known by its other name B17 - was banned in 1971, by the FDA.

Clearly, profits mean more than health. Furthermore, when people are giving money to help fund cancer research, the question has to be, why? What has happened to the money that has been donated over the years? What is it that the cancer research companies are actually researching? If the cure - in fact - has been found years ago within apricot seeds? These are valid questions that have yet to be answered.

It is interesting to note that fruits are starting to be grown without seeds. They are then being placed onto the market for public consumption. It is becoming ever harder now to find fruit with seeds, as they are becoming a rare commodity within supermarkets.

One has to wonder why? Because all seeds within fruit contain compounds that are good for our health. Obviously, this is not good, as far as the pharmaceutical companies are concerned. Because the less people that are sick, the less they will purchase medicine.

This is the power that the medical companies have over our health. Because, at the end of the day, it is all about profits and greed. It pays to keep people sick, and suppressing the news about apricot seeds, and their healing powers - in reference to cancer - is nothing short of corporate manslaughter.

Apricot Seeds - The Cure for Cancer

Why has the medical profession suppressed the news about apricot seeds? Why, over the years, have cancer patients had to suffer the agonies of chemotherapy, when a cure was in front of them all the time? Why does it pay to keep people ill with cancer?

Over 200 billion dollars a year is the reason why those who control our health, also control what we take for our illness. The following article explains the curing properties of apricot seeds. And it also explains how this information has been suppressed, and kept from public knowledge, in a horrific pursuit for profit and greed, before health and well-being.

Apricot Kernels (Seeds) 1lb Bag Raw and Bitter
Apricot Kernels (Seeds) 1lb Bag Raw and Bitter

Apricot Kernels are not tasty, by any means, but they will do their job. As explained in the article above, apricot seeds put cancer into remission before wiping it out altogether.

They may be expensive to purchase, but you have to look at the overall picture. They prevent cancer from occurring - for those who do not have cancer. And, they cure cancer - for those who do have this disease.

Apricot seeds are worth their weight in gold and,, if you do your research, you too will find that the news has been suppressed and is not public knowledge.

By chewing slowly on an apricot seed, you will be preventing cancer from developing within your body, It is really as simple as that.

I cannot recommend this product any higher than I can, as they should be a staple diet within your food intake.

Apricot Kernels (Seeds) 1LB Bag Raw and Bitter
Apricot Kernels (Seeds) 1LB Bag Raw and Bitter

As in the comments above. Buy them while you still have the chance too.


Apricot Seeds

The Cure for Cancer

Apricot seeds cure cancer. That may be too much for some people to take in. But the fact remains that this is true. The fact of the matter is, that this information has been kept from the general public by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical services.

And why should they have kept this knowledge to themselves? The word here is MONEY. It pays to keep people in a state of sickness. Sickness means profits. Profits that go into the pockets of the pharmaceutical and medical companies. Profits that amount to over 200 BILLION dollars a year. Imagine that income disappearing overnight if people found out about the healing property of apricot seeds, and their ability to cure cancer?

This is why there are many fruits now, including apricots, that are being grown SEEDLESS. Because the cure for many ailments lie within the seeds of many fruits. This is information that certain companies do not wish us to know about.

By people investigating for themselves the power of apricot seeds and just how they defeat cancer, they are putting the power of their own destiny back into their own hands. No one has to go through painful chemotherapy, for what? Only to have less than a 3% chance of survival? When the cure is - and has been in front of them all the time...apricot seeds are that cure.

By chewing on apricot seeds every so often, this has shown to put cancer into remission - finally making it disappear for good. For those who do not have cancer chewing apricot seeds, slowly, prevents the formation of cancer.

By doing your own research on this - as I have done - you too will come to the startling conclusion that there has been a massive cover-up - in reference to apricot seeds and their healing properties.

Of course there are many within the medical and pharmaceutical business who will pooh pooh the suggestion outright - and many have done so in the past. But this was merely in order to put people off investigating for themselves. Because, as we all know, 'a doctor's word is law' isn't it? They know better don't they?

And so many of us rely upon the words of the medical profession, as 'gospel'. But, 'think' for just one moment. Before you take the word of any medical professional, do your own research, Check and double check, and then decided for yourself. Because really, at the end of the day, it pays to keep people ill.

This is why the news about apricot seeds has been repressed, hidden from the general public. Because there is a 200 BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT that the medical and pharmaceutical companies make A YEAR.

Think on that. And also think about why people have been threatened into silence and even jailed when trying to tell people about the ability of apricot seeds to cure cancer. Your answer lies in PROFITS.

Read the article, do your own research then come to your own decision. This is information that the medical and pharmaceutical companies certainly do not want you to know about.

Apricot Seeds Cure Cancer

Read the article and then decide for yourself

Do you believe that apricot seeds cure cancer?


Apricot seeds cure cancer. Only this news has been suppressed by the pharmaceutical and health industries who do not want people to know.

The evidence is overwhelming against the pharmaceutical and health industry. Because for them, it pays to keep people ill.

Apricot Seeds - The Cure for Cancer

This video describes how apricot seeds destroy cancer cells. Very very informative video.

Apricot Seeds - The Cure for Cancer

This video explains how you go about eating an apricot seed. Again, very informative.

Apricot Seeds - The Cure for Cancer

Good video here explaining how apricot seeds destroy cancer cells, leaving the good cells alone.

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    • wleon63 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @ViolaSuSi: Viola, there are fruits and vegetables that all contain natural cures. But there are many people who are ignorant of that fact. Fruit, especially, is now being grown WITHOUT SEEDS.

      This is because the pharmaceutical companies know seeds can cause a major dent in their profits if people knew about their healing properties. Seeds hold the secret to a hell of a lot of our ailments.

      Thank you for reading,and also for 'liking' my lens.

    • ViolaSuSi profile image


      5 years ago

      Not only apricot seeds. I know someone having cured his cancer with pickled cabbage. He used to eat it in large quantities without knowing about its miraculous healing caracteristics.

      Thinking that the doctors assured him no more than 3 months left to live.

    • wleon63 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Dusty2 LM: Thank you for reading and commenting my friend. I truly appreciate it. Also, thank you for the 'squidlike', again, that is appreciated. Yes, apricot seeds have been proven to work on cancer cells, Information that has been kept from the general public.

    • Dusty2 LM profile image

      Dusty2 LM 

      5 years ago

      Very nice and informative lens for cancer suffers. Anything is possible so why not apricot seeds according to this lens you wrote? At least this gives cancer suffers some kind of hope. Thank You for stopping by my Traditional Irish Stew Similar To Grandmas lens and giving it a "thumbs up" as I really appreciate it. Hope you try the stew and will enjoy it. Bon Appetit! (^_^)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very informative lens. Cancer patients will really love this lens. There is no harm in trying anyway :)


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