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Arent't we all alcoholics?

Updated on March 22, 2011

Alcoholics don't exist!

Typing the phrase "Alcoholic" into your favorite search engine will present you more than 50.000.000 (!!!) results. The question is – why? Alcoholism is said to be an "addictive disabling disorder", thousands of dollars have been spent on coping something which is nowadays refereed as a "treatable disease".

Have you ever wondered if you drink too much?

First of all one needs to understand that the word "Alcoholic" might not always be the correct term when trying to assess someones drinking habit. When abusing Heroin are you an opiatic? XTC – Amphetamatic? Cannabis – Tetrahydrocannabinatic? No... simply someone who is (most probably) abusing drugs. Can someone tell you when it has been "too much"? Is that the point when you are crawling on the floor, giggling because you are unable to open the door to your flat, or maybe simply when you feel that a glas of wine has been consumed. Numerous different "guidelines" have been spread by scientists like a rumor between teenagers.

Social acceptance – (A Beer each day keeps the doctor away)?

Having a drink while celebrating someones birthday might not be a problem. But taking a nap on the couch while having a needle stuck in your arm might not be quite accepted. O.k. Slighty exaggerated comparison at this point. First of all the use of hard drugs is usually illegal – and it doesn’t look to lovely – neither does anyone after a long party night with his dinner between his legs. This is where the problem is, housewives may drink a bottle of whine each night before going to sleep and no one will ever notice a problem. The businessman who dines with potential customers each evening may also have a whiskey or two and be the best earner in his company. Sometimes there comes that phrase "you have an alcohol problem" – maybe that individual will now go and seek help and agree with others that he needs professional assistance. Now he/ she officially has a problem – congratulations. What about the businessman and that housewife mentioned before? They will continue...

Isn't it nice to wake up in the morning without a headache. Being able to look at pictures from the last party without getting a blush due to utterly embarrassing moments which have been caught. Drive without worrying to pay a fine or loose the license. Not regretting sentences said that last night. Having the energy to do positive things without your body needing to degrade the poison running through your system. Better skin, less sweat, better smell, and a lot of energy. Don’t forget that extra cash you can spend on things that last longer than the drinks.

It is all your choice


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting read - I hold nothing against people drinking but all things should be done in moderation.

      I always have a glass of wine at weekends, but not weekdays when I need to be more alert for work. :)