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How I Stopped Smoking Cigarettes (After 35 Years)

Updated on March 23, 2018
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To quit smoking is hard and many of us gave up almost as soon as we started. Soon, I found that being determined was the first step...

If you’ve been smoking for years and wish to cut the habit, this article is for you. If you have loved ones that smoke – addicts - and worried about the effect of smoking on their health, this is for you too.

You can share this with them.

A dismantled e-cigarette - battery and filter
A dismantled e-cigarette - battery and filter

I was a heavy smoker, and smoked non-stop for many years, 35 years to be exact. Before I retire to bed, there’s a cigarette in my hand. First thing when I wake up, I grope for my pack of cigarettes and lighter and light one, even before I open my eyes.

It was crazy; it was ‘sick’. I was such an addict, I didn't eat much and as long as I had my cigarettes with me, I was fine.

I found that i wasn't usually hungry because I was always smoking a cigarette. I didn’t even crave for sweets and chocolates. All i wanted was a cigarette that not only contains nicotine and tobacco, but comprises of over 4000 (yes, four thousand!) other additives that are dangerous to health.

Cigarette smoke contains dangerous ingredients that range from hydrogen cyanide to carbon monoxide. One burning stick will emit more than 4,000 chemical compounds, “69 of which are carcinogenic”. You may find this unbelievable but it is true.

Why I Had to Quit Smoking

There came a time when I became tired of being an addict to smoking, but I still never felt like stopping. What once started as a trendy habit soon became a nightmare of sorts.

I didn't like the way my clothes reeked of tobacco. I hated the way my lips started to darken. I loathed the tobacco stench of the fingers on my right hand. I abhorred my stained teeth, and my breath stank. Additionally, I started to develop chest pains.But what got to me was the fact that I started looking older than my age, and I didn’t like that!

Whoever walked in the door of my home immediately knew a heavy smoker lived within. It was as bad as that!

There were faint traces of brown was all over my white walls, AND the ashes! I couldn’t stand looking at an ashtray full of ashes and cigarette stubs. My ashtrays looked so disgusting; I developed the habit of emptying them ever so often. I couldn’t stand the sight of filled ashtrays.

Yet, I refused to stop.

Have You Ever Tried to Stop Smoking

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Did I Try Ever Try?

I tried to stop the habit by sucking on a mint sweet whenever I felt a craving for a smoke, but I ended up addicted to mints, yet I never stopped.

I tried nicotine patches, gums and the lot. No dice! I continued to smoke even with a nicotine patch on.

Seven years ago, I was in hospital for a major surgery but I had to stop smoking a week before the surgical procedure. I did try my best at the time, but it was hard.

A couple of weeks after my surgery, I’d sneak a cigarette now and then IN hospital. It was that bad.

How I Finally Quit Smoking - 35 Years On

One day about a year and two months ago, a friend told me about electronic cigarettes. He too had been a heavy smoker for a better part of his life. He showed me one and told me to try it. I did try it and it wasn’t that bad.

A few days after, my husband bought me a starter pack of e-cigarette which comprised a battery, two filters, and a small charger.

All it had was nicotine and since I was only addicted to nicotine like most smokers, it was a delight to use. But I wanted to finish the pack of cigarettes I had with me.

When I finished the pack, I switched to e-Lites. It satisfied my cravings in a big way and I didn’t buy another pack. And from that day on, I became smoke free.

All About e-Cigarettes

How It Feels to Be Nicotine Free

Today, fourteen months after, whenever I as much as smell a burning cigarette I feel like I’m going to retch.

I now smell nice and my clothes don’t reek of cigarette smoke. My teeth now look cleaner after I had some special teeth cleaning done. My home smells fresh with scented candles and burning of aromatherapy oils. And best of all, my facial skin has regained its lustre.

One thing that's certain, if I can quit smoking after 35 years, anyone can too.

© 2014 viryabo2


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