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The Various Ways To Benefit From Using Argan Oil

Updated on January 4, 2012

There is a tree that can be found in Morocco which is known as the argan tree and it produces many kernels. Oil is made from the kernels and used by women for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. The benefits of argan oil have been scientifically proven and they are a great number of them which increases the demand for it.

When taken internally it can help to boost the immune system to fight off diseases and infections and also to help in curing various medical ailments. It can provide needed relief from the pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis and the healing properties which are in it can benefit people with burn injuries. It provides a means of protecting the cardiovascular system and helps to prevent serious types of cancers.

The vitamin E content of this oil is very high and this makes it extremely good for your hair. It makes the hair stronger by improving the elasticity of it which reduces hair loss due to breakage. It restores life to it when it gets damaged which can occur as a result of outdoor activities and the effects of styling and it also increases hair growth.

It causes the hair to look shiny and healthy and gets rid of the problems that people experience like split ends, limpness, frizz and dullness. It hydrates the roots and this causes the hair to feel smoother. It is not greasy and this means that the hair does not feel oily or sticky neither does it weigh down the hair.

This oil is also of tremendous benefit to the skin and as a result it has become very popular among women. It hydrates the skin, increases the elasticity and does a good job of reducing wrinkles. It has very effective anti-aging, antioxidant and moisturizing properties and helps to keep the skin firm.

Skin conditions such as inflammation, acne, psoriasis, irritation and eczema can all be reduced or treated by using argan oil because it has PH balancing as well as antimicrobial properties. It can also be used to reduce scars from chicken pox and stretch marks. Nails that break easily can also be made stronger by applying this oil to them and cuticles can be kept soft and manageable.

The benefits of argan oil can be enjoyed by everyone including children because it is natural and free from chemicals. This rare, precious oil is nourishing, delightful and the effects are immediate. Whether taken internally or for cosmetic purposes it is quite clear why this oil is known as liquid gold.

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