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Entourage's Ari Gold Workout and Diet Lifestyle

Updated on March 20, 2012

Jeremy Piven's Secret to Staying Lean and Mean for His Role as Ari Gold

This lens talks about how Jeremy Piven maintains his lean physique all throughout his life and his role as Ari Gold in HBO's popular cable television show, Entourage.

It is hard not to notice Ari Gold, when you watch Entourage even for the first time. Piven plays a high-strung, money-hungry, fast-talking yet very comical power agent and co-owner of Miller-Gold Agency. As my husband and I are huge fans of the show, I decided that to feature Jeremy Piven in this article because he is decidedly the person with the hottest body, not to mention, sizzling abs, in the show. Plus, I was intrigued how Ari maintains his physique even in his mid-40's. I find it commendable when people still look great even in their older years (not that 40's is old, old - you know what I mean).

A little background on Jeremy Piven

Through my research, Jeremy actually lives a fairly healthy lifestyle. In fact, he lived so healthily that he used to eat fish twice a day as his source of protein for 10 years. But, he couldn't quite possibly maintain this lifestyle since his doctor told him that his mercury levels are through the roof. Since then, he decided to lay off the fish and live a more balanced lifestyle eating other meats.

Piven also lives an active lifestyle which is why he was featured in Men's fitness and got challenged by Kelly Rippa once as a guest on Regis and Kelly. He is also a Yoga fanatic but you can be sure that is not all he does which I will talk more about later.

In the meant time, let's look at some of the highlights of his career...

Jeremy's latest movie and his first starring role was in a movie called, "The Goods," which was released in August 2009. I actually haven't heard of the film until I did my research on Piven but the trailer is pretty decent but the reviews - not so much. It is evident that Jeremy flourishes in Entourage though since he has received multiple Golden Globe Nominations and finally winning the best supporting actor in a comedy series for his role on Entourage in 2008.

Some of the more popular movies he has starred in are Runaway Jury, Smokin' Aces, Rush Hour 2, and The Kingdom. When not in movies or television, you can also see him on broadway where he founded the Piven Theater Workshop.

How Ari Maintains His Nice Abs

So, how can Piven maintain his nice body year round. I know this because you will not see an out of shape photo of him anywhere. Believe me, I have tried :)

While most celebrities can afford to have a personal chef and an overpaid personal trainer, I am sure that even someone like Piven encounters the daily temptations of real life. To get a physique like him though, would take about 3 years to develop and just judging from his past pictures and movies, he has a lot of strength training under his belt. While it is not common to gain tons of muscle when you first start a workout program, you would have to do some maintenance over the years so that you don't lose the muscles you've gained. For someone like Jeremy, he can probably go to the gym twice a week, do an intense workout, and still be able to maintain his current frame.

As for Piven's diet, he would have to consume a good amount of protein at about 1g per pound of his body weight in order to keep his muscles. He can also consume a good amount of healthy fats and not gain an ounce of body fat while doing so. If he wanted to take his shirt off for the camera, like he did in one of the Entourage episodes, he would have to manipulate is carbohydrate intake in order to get that "lean" look if he isn't already there.

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Best Ari Gold Speech

Ari is known for his smart-aleck remarks. Here is one of them...

Just to Make Sure that this is Jeremy Piven

Here is the top part of the above picture...

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